Isabella and Gianfranco’s Rube Goldberg project – “Drop It”

A: The Bucket is tipped over, releasing the tennis ball inside of it.

B: The tennis ball then travels through the open shoe box and exits from a hole cut out at the end of it.

C: The tennis ball then is stopped by a wall of legos and hits the small marble down the ramp made from the lid of the shoe box.

D: The Marble then falls off the table and onto another (bigger) ramp.

E: Marble goes down the ramp.

F: Marble falls into a cut out red solo cup.

G: Marble lands onto the space bar starting “Drop it like it’s hot” by Snoop Dog.

Energy transfers:

A/B : Potential energy turns into kinetic as both balls are hit.

D/E/F/G: Gravitational energy as the marble falls lower and lower.


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