Household Water Conservation

1.Explain why water conservation is necessary in Canada.

Water conservation is an important issue in most, if not all, of the countries around the world. In Canada, it is hard to see the consequences of water shortages, however water conservation is still a relevant concern in this country. This is due to the fact that a lot of Canada’s usable water is taken from ground water and more and more pollutants are leaking into this water. As more water is used, more energy needs to be used to purify that water and more pollution is leaked back into the water system. By conserving our water usage, we can try to use less energy and lessen the amount of pollutants leaking in the water system. This will hopefully ensure that our water supply will stay consumable for many more years.

2.Go to: get some water saving ideas and record a video of:

A) Something you already do to conserve water

B) You trying to implement something new in your house.