Canada entering WWII

Apply Your Knowledge:

  1. Explain how Canada’s decision to go to war in WWII was different than WWI

In WWI, Canada joined the war for the sole purpose that Britain had decided to join the war. At that point in time, Canada was not autonomous from Britain and had no real option in the matter. Throughout the course of WWI and the interwar period, Canada gained more autonomy from Britain and were now an independent nation, who could freely choose whether or not they wanted to join the war. Even though this was the case, Canada was still very connected to Britain and they felt the need to fight alongside them.


  1. What were the BCATP and CD Howe’s Total War economy?

The BCATP or British Commonwealth Air Training Plan was plan that was created by Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, and Australia. Its mandate was to train Allied aircrews for the Second World War.

CD Howe’s Total War economy was implemented when Howe was given complete authority to do whatever it took to prepare the economy for wartime demands. He decided to tell which industries were to produce which goods. This led to the government having complete control over pretty much everything.


  1. Come up with a statement that the best describes Canada’s attitude towards WWII and support it by referring to the evidence from the class and the textbook (#1-2 above).

Canada was apprehensive to join World War Two. Some people were concerned that Canada not having enough of a military (as illustrated by the political cartoon National Nightmare the Hamilton Spectator), however most of Canada was torn between supporting Britain and being their own country (as illustrated by the cartoon titled Trying to Please Both).