Cartoon chart

Cartoon Name Describe the Cartoon Meaning from symbols Message of the author
British Columbia hates the Chinks, Japs, and Mormons There is one large man labelled B.C. who is kicking three men. One is Chinese, one Japanese and the other is a Mormon. In the background there are trees. -The large man represents B.C, and their lack of acceptance for minorities

-The three men represent the minorities who are being mistreated by the larger population.

-Represented as small because they author believes that they are pests.

B.C does not and should not accept minorities.
Equality of status within equality of status There is a group of about six aboriginals. The leader is holding a paper that says “Six nations ultimatum of independence”.

At the top left hand corner, someone outside the picture is saying, “Big, Indian six nations, want equality of status all same like little white father Mackenzie King Waugh”

-The six aboriginals represent six different aboriginal nations who strive for independence from the Canadian government.

-Canadian government granted Six nations independence but not the native Americans.

-The speech is mocking the way they speak.


-Aboriginals are asking for equality within an already equal country which is nonsensical.
Liberal candidates are pledged to a white British Columbia -In the background there are two land masses labelled Japan and China.

-Vancouver island is labelled and the main land is labelled British Columbia “Promised Land”,

-On the main land there is an archway that says “Meighen Welcomes You” and there is a white person shaking hand with someone who appears Chinese or Japanese.

-The man under the archway represents conservative leader Arthur Meighen

-The man shaking Meighen’ hands represents visible minorities who would be accepted thanks to the Conservative party

.The liberals are not willing to accept visible minorities but Arthur Meighen would welcome minorities so you should not vote for the Conservative party.
One sign of returning world sanity -There is a black person who is covered with different ornaments. In his right hand he holds a snare drum. Trailing behind him is a triangle, bell, cymbals and a sign that says jazz.

In his left hand he is holding a trumpet.

-He is running in the direction of a sign that says “To barbarism and savagery.”


-The person in the picture represents all black people

-The sign “to barbarism and savagery” is symbolizing that black people are barbaric and savage.

People of color are savage and barbaric and by listening to their jazz music we will become more like them so they should be driven out of our country.
Retour em Vitesse (Return with speed) There are two areas of land: one is labelled “Etats-Unis” and the other is labelled Saskatchewan.

On Saskatchewan there is a man being kicked by a boot (Gouc. Federal) who is labelled “Organisateur du K.K.K.” who is holding an open brief case.

In Etats-Unis there are members of the KKK standing amongst the trees

-The man is the organizer of the KKK and he is being kicked out of Canada to the US where his group is accepted.

The boot is the government officials

-Unlike Americans, Canadians are accepting to minorities and do not believe in white supremacy.
The Jew unceasingly sucks money from the province. There is a large land mass labelled Quebec that is surrounded by smaller areas labelled by other provinces.

There is a man on Quebec who has a snake-like beard that is attached to different building that are labelled with resources and services.

-The buildings represents services and resources that are being sucked up.

-The man represents a Jew who is sitting there and sucking up these resources and services

Jewish people are sucking up all of Quebec’s resources without contributing anything in return.