Character Monologues- “Death of a Salesman”


I am a caring and patient wife and mother. My days is structured around helping out my husband, Willy and ensuring that he and my sons do not argue or insult each other too much. My husband can be somewhat absent minded and self-deprecating and it is for that treason that it is important for me to support and complement him. I try my best to ensure that all of my family is well-looked after, which is generally not hard to manage because our family is pretty closely-knit. Our son Biff, has once again come to live at home and although this is a source of frustration for my husband, I think it is important for our son to have a safe place to land. Recently, Willy has been acting a little strangely but I think that it is simply because he feels responsible for our lack of wealth, which is not necessary because we have managed on less in the past. Because of this I try my best to reassure him and ensure that he is happy.

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