Character Monologues- “Death of a Salesman”


I am a caring and patient wife and mother. My days is structured around helping out my husband, Willy and ensuring that he and my sons do not argue or insult each other too much. My husband can be somewhat absent minded and self-deprecating and it is for that treason that it is important for me to support and complement him. I try my best to ensure that all of my family is well-looked after, which is generally not hard to manage because our family is pretty closely-knit. Our son Biff, has once again come to live at home and although this is a source of frustration for my husband, I think it is important for our son to have a safe place to land. Recently, Willy has been acting a little strangely but I think that it is simply because he feels responsible for our lack of wealth, which is not necessary because we have managed on less in the past. Because of this I try my best to reassure him and ensure that he is happy.

Roaring 20s comparison chart

Theme How did it contribute to the “Roar” of the 1920s? Modern day equivalent What is similar today? What is different today?
Branch Plants -Americans set up industries in Canada so that the goods they were selling were not subject to the Canadian tariffs

-Even though this caused Canadians to buy these products and increase the profits for the US, these industries hired Canadian employees thus increasing job opportunities in Canada.

Giving to charities Many companies will chose to give a large sum of money to a charity which allows for them to pay less tax.

This tactic, like branch plants, allows for companies to escape as high of taxes.

Giving to charities does not offer job opportunities and does not spread the wealth to another country.
Prohibition/ Bootlegging -The prohibition began in Canada because of the soldiers had priority over the alcohol, however after the war women pushed for it to become prohibited under the belief that by doing so it would strengthen families.

-Quebec did not agree to prohibition which led to their economy strengthening

-By 1921, the prohibition was lifted in Canada which led to Americans coming to Canada to buy liquor and then they would sell it illegally in the US.

-Marijuana It is illegal and creates criminal but at the same time it provides a lot of income for Canada. Marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes but alcohol was never legal for medicinal consumption.

Marijuana is more restricted in Canada then the US.

Telephones Generalized to communication

-communications increased in the 1920s

-Radio entertainment increased

-Telephones become more common

-This increased consumption of goods and general communication between people

-Social media Both social media and communications in the 1920, have caused an increase in consumption and communication between people.

Social media caused an increase in consumption through celebrities and companies using it as a platform for advertisements.

Social media has become a constant barrage of information and communication that never sleeps.
Electric Trolleys -Lower Mainland’s interurban rail line spread from Steveston all way to Chilliwack

-Allowed for affordable travel for people in Urban areas

Sky train -Both are affordable and electric modes of transportation that spread over large areas, allowing most people to have an efficient way to travel -Sky train is much quicker and more efficient than the trolley cars were.

-Sky trains also do not run on the road, instead they are above the roads which reduces traffic

Automobiles -Cars became much more affordable and available to the masses

-Allowed for people to move around and buy more things as well as live in one area and work in another

Cars Both then and now, cars help people commute to and from different areas and well as allow for people to consume goods from many different companies and places. -Cars at this moment are much more efficient and expensive than they were in the 1920’s.

-Cars are more widespread now

Radio -Radio entertainment became prevalent in the 1920s

-Families would gather to listen to the radio

-Allowed for communications between different communities and much more advertising

Televisions TVs now serve the same purpose that radios once did: entertain the public.

-Many companies use different TV channels as a way to advertise just like they used to use radios for that purpose.

-TVs offer a larger variety of channels

-TVs are not solely audio-based

-TVs can be used to play videos that come from the internet

Sports -Started the celebrity idolization

-Baseball/football/hockey cards began

-NHL was born

-Canadian athletes joined the Olympics

Sports -Different athletes are idolized

-Sport cards still exist

-Canadians still participate in the Olympics and win at hockey

-Athlete idolization has started to become overshadowed by actors

-Sport cards have been taken over by online fantasy games (Fantasy Hockey/Football leagues)