1921 Election as a Factory Owner in Ontario

As a factory owner in Ontario, I would have voted for the Conservative Party who was led by Arthur Meighen in 1921. During this time, I would have been worried about the wellbeing of my company because the Canadian economy was crashing and many people (especially in the western provinces) wanted to get rid of tariffs, which are important for my profits.

At this time, the Liberal party, led by William Lyon Mackenzie King, focused on advertising the downfalls of governments and did not take a definitive stance on a specific policy on the tariffs. In 1919, however, this party supported a reduction of the tariff and in 1921, they tried to accommodate as many view points as possible, which means that as a factory owner, I would question their support of factories and businesses in the East.

Another potential option to vote for would have been the Progressive party. This party was centered on supporting the western farmers which means that they supported free trade and their leader, Thomas Alexander Crerar, strove for their advancement of western farmers through the abolition of the tariff. Everything that this party stood for could potentially be detrimental to a factory owner in the east. The reduction of tariffs and the fact that they were focused on the west would mean that many of my issues would be ignored.

The final party is the Conservative party led by Arthur Meighen. This party focused their attention on Ontario, British Columbia and the Maritimes. They promised that they would promote growth and development of the Canadian economy, supported retaining the tariff, and promoted the National Policy, which focused on trade between the Eastern and the Western provinces and had benefited the East in the past. Because of their platform and focus, I, as factory owner in Ontario, would realize that this party is pretty much catering to my needs and would therefore vote for them.

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