Response to the letter

Mark: 6/6


Thank you so much for giving me such a thorough evaluation of what is occurring back at home. I cannot tell you how much joy it gives me as I sit within these suffocating walls of the trenches. You are my ray of sunshine.

We have all spent so much time in these trenches, our feet are starting to produce the most foul of smells. This unfortunately, only attracts more flies and I often feel like I am wading through a swamp of parasites. Most of us are infested with lice, and I sincerely hope that I will not be infected. There is no way to treat any of these conditions and so we all spend our nights tossing and turning trying to forget about the discomfort as gun fire echoes in our heads. The only comforting factor is that we are safe from the enemies’ fire.

Yesterday, I met the most fascinating boy named Kenny. He told me that he has two brothers, one in the navy and one is a pilot. His brother in the navy told him that the Germans have developed a new weapon that dives under the sea only to resurface to shoot down ships. He tells me that this horrible weapon is taking down many supply ships and I worry that the war may not turn out in our favor. To make matters worse, Kenny said that the Germans have an undefeatable pilot referred to as the Red Baron. He has told me that this pilot has so far shot down more men than any of our pilots. I sincerely hope that Billy Bishop will take him down. Do you know if they have fought each other yet?

I know wish that I joined the air force. There is so much more chance for recognition and I would have not had to fight in the traumatizing battle of Ypres. We had never fought so hard, as we did the day we were defending the Salient, until the Germans released tons of poisonous gas that massacred a large group of soldiers. Although this battle proved to the world that we Canadians are a strong fighting force, I still have nightmares about the suffocating gas.

It is with regret that I must end this letter. The sun is starting to rise and we will soon be bombarded with gun fire. Fear not, when I get home, you will no longer have to do my work and we will be together again just like we were before. Sleep well, dearest.

Yours entirely,

Your loving husband