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Making babies

The babies name is Junior he has dark blue eyes, a cleft chin, curly black hair, he is dark skinned, and has a regular nose. These traits were given by his parents because they had a lot of these traits.

Edublog Post

3. Answer the following questions:

a. How does the coin flip relate to the probability of inheriting genetic conditions?

Its 50/50 like how the the genes are 50/50 between parents

b. How does this simulation accurately represent or not represent real life?

It accurately represents the chances of getting each gene. It shows the chance of getting different traits on a baby which represents how a baby might be in real life off dominant genes.

c. Did you identify any prejudices you might have about what traits you find “desirable”? Where do you think these prejudices come from?

I had prejudices as I did not like the very pointy chin with square head. I think these prejudices come from our idea of normal and/or what looks good


Egg recipe: Take home lab

This is a take home lab that was assigned to my Foods 10 class, over our spring break. We were told to chose three recipes and to try at least one of them. The recipe(s) you chose was graded/marked by a guardian of your chose. The sheet that was marked was handed in the first day back to school from Spring break.

I chose to do a Egg Masala which I’ve seen my mom make many times. I personally don’t like egg that much and did not end up eating it, so i had my parents and sisters taste who said it tasted good. I did however try it and think it needed to be less oily.


1 Potatoe

4 Boiled eggs

70 ml of vegetable oil

1 whole onion

2 tomato

15ml garlic

15ml ginger

2.5ml salt

2.5ml red chili

15ml Curry Powder’

500ml Water


  1. Get water boiling and add the eggs for 6 mins to let them boil
  2. Get oil heating on a pan at medium heat
  3. Peel and cut Onion, Garlic and Potato and cook them at medium heat until the onions and garlic are translucent
  4. Cut tomatos into small squares
  5. Mix curry powder with water and put in big pot
  6. Add everything to the pot and mix ginger, salt and red chili
  7. Enjoy

Here are two other recipes I’d reccomend you to enjoy

Eggs benedict

40 ml Champagne vinegar 
25 ml Shallots, minced

150 ml Butter, salted, plus more for muffins

85 ml Egg yolk
60 ml Water
20 ml Lemon juice
3 ml Salt, kosher
12 Eggs
English muffins
Ham, thinly sliced, as needed
Dill, fresh, as needed
Sous-vide egg bites
Eggs, about 6 large
300 ml Heavy cream, and/or cottage cheese
3 ml Salt, plus more to taste
Cherry tomatoes, optional, as needed
Pine nuts, optional, as needed
Finishing oil, such as high-quality extra-virgin olive oil, optional, as needed
Basil, fresh leaves, optional, as needed
Black pepper, optional, as needed 



Life is full of experiences

Life is about experience

Self-Assessment Form

Core Competencies Self-Assessment (Word)-1o936si

Self-Assessment Form

digital $tory

Comprehension questions for the Friday that everything changed.

The Friday everything changed Questions

  1. Because then less boys will be doing it and getting to miss class to carry the water bucket. It’s also a sign of power and they don’t want the girls getting that amount of power like there is at River Hebert.
  2. They bully the girl who gave the idea of girls carrying the water bucket, Alma Niles. This makes the girls work together more in protecting Alma as this could be something that changes how the girls will be at this school.
  3. It’s told from the point of an unnamed character. She thinks Mrs. Ralston is beautiful and a strong woman. She thinks the girls should be able to carry the water.
  4. It is more of a rural Ontario area which is given when they talk about Toronto maple leafs. The time seems to be after one of the world wars as they talk about German warplanes with bombs. The conflict is girl’s vs society as they are shown to be not at the same level as males in their school society.
  5. Alma Niles, because she is the person the whole story started because of. When she asked why girls don’t it started the whole story off.
  6. Everything changed that Friday because girl’s got to go carry the water bucket which gave them power. Ms.Ralstons action is the last paragraph shows that females are not lesser than males. The theme/message of the story is equality between genders.



Galvanized- To shock or excite someone.

Remotest- A place far from main centers of population.

Intoxicated- Under the influence of alcohol or cannabis.

Ominous- Scary or gloomy mood.

Supplementary- Completing or enhancing someone.

Forlornly- Sad or abandoned.

Earnestly- With sincere.

Gloating- Bragging.

Transfixed- Cause someone to become motionless.

Pirouettes- Spinning on 1 foot.




I can’t believe I’m actually here.

Standing in amazement, I’m on Sixth Street!

I go in Barney’s and look at headgear.

Maybe I should get something with some heat.


I’m so happy, this feeling can’t be beat.

I go to all the parks and see all the views.

I text my friends and found a place to meet.

Later, we’re going to be on a cruise.


I bought a hotdog, the bun was whole-wheat

Wow, this is the best hotdog I’ve ever ate.

I think I forgot to get my receipt.

Well, at least the hotdog is really great.


I’m almost too where I’m meeting my friends.

I see them, time to hang till the week ends.

Image result for sixth street with hotdog stand

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