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Fran├žais 11: Journal #2

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Pre-Calc 11 Week #14

This week we learned about the difference between reciprocal function graph and absolute value graphs and how to graph each one.

For absolute value graphs it is graphs that reflect off the x axis/intercepts of the line to create a reflection of the parent function as in an absolute value equation we can’t get a negative, so in the graph we can’t go into the negative zone.

In a reciprocal function graph we focus on the invariant points in the parent function to create a new line that avoids the asymptotes on the x and y axis, y is usually 0 so it’s usually the x axis that we want to focus on. We use the middle of the invariant points to create the x asymptote.

Example of absolute value graph


Example of reciprocal function graph


Pre-Calc 11 Week # 13

This week we continues graphing linear/quadratic equations but this week practiced on finding the reciprocal of the equation and how it looks like when graphed.

To find the reciprocal of the equation we first have to graph the parent function, then we find our invariant points by finding the x value that corresponds with y=1 and y=-1

With these x values we can draw our hyperbolas and answer what the x value is.




Pre-Calc 11 Week #12

This week we learned about graphing and solving absolute value graphs and equations, it’s similar to last chapter except with absolute value signs so the graph can’t go into the negative and is all positive. In this way it basically reflects the same way as it was going as in into the negative but in the other direction once it hits y=0.

Because of this the graphs end up looking something like this based on the type of equation (linear/quadratic)

Other than graphing we can find the x values by using previously used ways of solving for quadratic/linear equations, for quadratic specifically we’d be making one side and getting it to 0 before using the quadratic equation or factoring to get our x values.

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