My area of true freedom, complete tranquility somewhere I can go to forget the problems of the world, the Basketball Court .The second I step onto the hardwood floor, my negative thoughts are all wiped away and I am filled with never-ending joy, as if it was my first time stepping onto the court and picking up a basketball. The court is my canvas and every time I step onto it I create a masterpiece. When I have the ball I feel like the world is placed in my palms. I feel like nothing can go wrong, nothing can stop me, not the referee and definitely not the opposing team. I’m in my territory, where I am the best, every decision, every move and every shot I take is the right thing to do. When I’m on the court it’s just me the court and the ball I have no fear, no pressure, just mounds of self-confidence.

I jumped happily out of bed to look through the window as i knew there would be lots of glorious snow as I charged downstairs after getting ready in my wool sweater, my new coat, and my very useful snow pants. I swung open the door and rushed outside to meet the wonderful weather. The dazzling blue sky had been replaced with a misty glacial freeze. The fluffy snow was decorating the trees with a beautiful white outline of fluff. The unique snowflakes fall delicately from the white cloudy skies onto the ground, where they can be rolled up tight into a friendly snowman. I dived into the white, fluffy snow in front of me and stared up at the sky at all the snowflakes falling and making this land a mysterious white color. I also saw the clusters of trees towering above me catching the snow before it hit me.

Music is a fascination. It can take a person out of their ordinary life and place them in a world of their own imagination. When I hear it, the sound of the pleasant music rejuvenates ¬†and heals me while taking me to somewhere else, where I don’t have to worry about anything. As I go on spotify and put on a great song and am immediately calmed, it resonates through my blood giving my energy throughout my body. It’s a strong melodious tune, very rhythmic soothing me as I got enthralled and sucked into the music as it puts me in a small area in my mind where anything can happen and everything is within my control. A place where everything is always okay and I don’t have to worry about anything. It bring out my deepest emotions it helps me through whatever I’m going through and is always reliable to be there when no one else is there.