Month: November 2016

Digital Footprint

1.Your digital footprint will be looked for when you try to get into a college/university as they check your digital footprint, the same thing occurs when you do an interview, they will check your digital footprint to see if your good and professional or bad and lazy. They’d make sure your qualified to be working at their establishment.

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2.Don’t post anything bad, don’t get peer pressured into posting something you don’t want to post. Make sure not to post anything inappropriate and especially don’t bully people or say rude or mean things about anyone over the internet.

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3. I would pass on the fact that if you post something, it’s there forever on your digital footprint and will be extremely hard to take off, almost impossible to take off of your digital footprint. If anyone ever looks you up, it’ll be there for them to look at. Social media can be a very dangerous thing if you don’t use it correctly. Also, it’s not even good to do those bad things even if their not posted. Actively support those around you, if you wouldn’t want your parents to see it, it means it shouldn’t be posted.

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Réflexion – Monsieur Lazhar

Je réponds à la question:  Quelle est la différence entre éduquer et enseigner? Pensez-vous que le système scolaire devrait seulement enseigner aux élèves et non pas les éduquer?

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