Solution Fluency

Define: Problem is that we need to figure out the intensity.

Questions: How many volts do we have? How much resistance do we have?

Dream: What could I do if I had something to figure out the intensity?

It could help me by letting me complete the question.

Design/Delivery: My plan is to use this website to complete the question by using it to help me figure our the intensity.

Debrief: I could’ve improved my plan by having the website, ready before I start the question.



I reviewed the app Ohm’s Law 1.3.4. It is a helpful science app on the Phet simulations website. You might be asking: How useful it is and what can it do to help me pass grade 9 science. Ever think that calculating intensity is hard in a equation? Well this application will help you do the equation in a more fun way! It helps you in the electricity course to calculate voltage by using the I=V/R equation. You can choose the amount of voltage and resistance which will give you how much intensity you will get with that amount of voltage and resistance. I went through the app testing around and it’s basically just a fun way of doing your science homework. It makes the equation easier to do and in such a fun way! I went through doing all my voltage/resistance questions with it to figure out intensity and I think it really helped me and was faster and more fun than any other way.

The pros of this application:

It’s fun. Easy to use. Helps you with your homework. I mean what can’t it do! You can figure out the Intensity of most questions in a fast, easy and best of all, fun way! It also has really great sound effects whenever your pulling a lever to change the amount of volts or resistance.

The cons of this application:

You can only go to 1000 Resistance/Ohms or 9V/6 1.5V batters. But, other than those 2 limitations there isn’t anything to complain aboutadl16-review-pictures

This tool is easy to use and doesn’t really need any explication as all you need to do is change the number of amps and resistance to see how much intensity/amps you get. It does nothing to help you if you’re confused, but I’m sure you’ll figure out how to use it fairly quickly. The app helps you understand how much volts and resistance can create how much intensity/amps. It teaches you the amount of intensity that can be created from volts and resistance of different amounts of your choosing. It also helps you understand the equation as with this you’ll now that volts = intensity/amps but resistance will lower the amount of Intensity/amps, which means V/R= I. It completely helps you understand the equation. It’s a pretty innovative app as it shows a circuit below with the amount of batterys which give off the amount of voltage and shows how much voltage each battery is giving. It also shows how many volts are in the Red Sphere which is where all the voltage is going after getting resisted by the wires which I feel is something that isn’t shown much. adl16-review-pictures



Well that’s my review on the Ohm’s Law app on the phet simulator.

I hope you enjoy the app as much as I did!

Thank you for your time.