Pursuit of Happiness Reflection

I will show you about my feeling about this film after I watched it.
To be honest, This is one of the most favorite films on my list, I really enjoy it because of the motion they bring to me. They gave me the feeling of how broke the actor was, How hard he used to through all the hardship moment of his life. The films show the feeling the most dramatic change through the time in his life. He was broke, He was get stolen, his wife left him away, all of the most difficult things came to him at the same time, he was kicked out of his place, he was overnight at the train, he was a homeless, he lost everything, when He just got back some money to lives through some months, the bank took his money away, he broke again. The hardship things just came to his life like the waves, over and over, It seems like life doesn’t give him anything, instead, life takes away everything of him. The most powerful feeling I got from this firm was hurt, That feeling really touched my soul, It changes my mind in many ways, I changed the way I think about this life, the way I look at the homeless, and the way I respect people get hard times in there life. And it changed me too, I still have a better life than many people out there, so I need to stop complaining about my life. I learned how to stand up after hardship things in my life, I learned how to get happy, and learned to protect what I want to be.

Thank you Ma’am Quick Write

The most acting I’ve ever done for someone was helping an old man walking under my umbrella through the street. I forgot to wear my coat so it was so cold but I still walk with him until going to his home. It was a long way because his house if far than my house and he is an old man so he walked really slow, but I didn’t get impatient for my acting. I feel like I did a great thing in this life, I don’t know why but I feel that I’m a kindness person at that time, the moment that old man smiled and said thank you to me.

Pay It Forward Reflection

I really like about this movie, because it was a good movie talk about personal experience.
My favorite of the movie I liked was when Travor stands in front of the class and talk about his solution about the assignment because his ways to do this assignment is really interesting. The part of the movie reminded me of a personal experience was when the girl wants to suicidal but the man said: “Please, save me”. The messages of the movie are about the person of each people, we can’t look at the outside of someone and guess inside of that person.

Math 11 Sequences and Series Blog Post

In the first day of Math class, we study about Arithmetic sequences. 

This is simple patterns like these ones:

here is the term, each term are being counted and it has relevancy keeping the numbers like the picture

Ex: T1=2 (t1 is block 1), T2=5(T2 is block 2), T3=8(block 3)……. So you can see the term is bigger so we know that the sequences of this term are “PLUS”. it mean T1=1, T2=5 so if you want to have T2 you need to plus number before T2 with 3: T2=T1 + 3=5

T3=T2 + 3=8. with the above comments, we have this formula:

that is what we call Arithmetic sequences

Second units are Arithmetic Series.

Is the term of an arithmetic sequence is added, the result

for example

3,5,7,9,11 —–> Arithmetic sequences

3+5+7+9+11 —–> Arithmetic series

We have the formula:

Third units are Geometric Sequences

It is a sequences in which each term after the first obtained by multiplying the preceding term by a fixed nonzero real number called common ratio. The sequences discussed in the last slide

We have the formula:


fourth units are Infinite Geometric Series


The formula for the sum of a geometric series is When r is less then 1 we use this equivalent equation