Week 4 in prec 11

In this week, we have learned Absolute Value and Radicals, but not all , just to 2.4 Multiplying and Dividing Radical .

First , we learn how to calculate the absolute value. What even inside the absolute symbol, it come out the positive number, except a negative symbol outside. We should calculate the inside one first , after that we calculation will be more easier. 

And we learned how to simpify the Radical Expressions. The key is to remember the square of the first ten natural numbers.

1^2=1 2^2=4 3^2=9


what’s more , you can also remember the cube of them.

1^3=1 2^3=8 3^3=27


It will help you more easier to calculate them.

When we are doing the Adding and Subreacting Radical, we should simpify them same inside , if we simpify them and they couldn’t be the same, that’s mean they can’t add together. 

And this is my week 4 in perc 11, it’s easy when I doing like this . OvO

Week 3 math 11

This week we have finished the sequences and series topic. For me it learnt again,because I have finished in China for 2year, and we had a exam this wednesday , I think it’s a little easy for me OvO,but there were still some words I couldn’t understand such as the “plotted”, at first I was confused , but just thought a short time, I did it finally.

Next week we will learn the absolute value which is another I have learn in China , this is also another new knowledge for me to learn the English . I hope I can figure the language in the end of the year , this is my goal!