Week 2 Math 11

Time went by, it’s my second week I learn in riverside ,let’s check what I have made

At the beginning when I saw the directory, I thought ,what the hell was that! I couldn’t even know what I would learn. So I translated some words I couldn’t understand into Chinese, that I knew it .

what make me happy is ,I have learnt them all in China ,so it was not too difficult for me to accustomed to them . I just used two days to made sense the words ,now it’s easy for me to learn them.   OvO


But it’s not all I can understand. Such as the ”depreciate” in the pic. I thought it was the mean as ”increase”, so I made the question on the contrary.

It’s just a little mistake , but when it become a test, I maybe couldn’t get a satisfactory performance. So it still a long way for me to learn them!

I believe I can do it! Because there nothing difficult in the world depend on whether you try your best or not.