—Never judge a person by his appearance.
This is a story named “Identities” written by W.D. Valgardson and it’s about a man dressing in the blue jeans with day-old beard who is going to have a drive but an inexperienced policeman, who is nervous and arbitrary, kills the man by shooting. I think the man is so pool and helpless that the police officer is not justified when he kills the man who he thinks is “dangerous” and “suspicious”.
First, the man doesn’t do any dangerous things to anyone on the street. “he slips his wallet into his shirt pocket, does up the metal buttons on his jacket and slips a ten-dollar bill in to his back pocket”. Although his behavior is a little strange, it doesn’t cause a reason for the police officer to kill him. I can say most people who is searching for the money on themselves, the action would be almost the same. Second, although the appearance of the man is little dirty, wearing in blue jeans and with day-old beard; he can be a good guy. “In spite of his car, he hopes his day-old beard, which he strokes upward with the heel of his hand, will, when combined with his clothes, provide immunity.” Who says the dirty man must be a “suspicious”? In the history, there were lots of artists dressing in the dirty to keep their ideas and excite themselves to make more artworks. The police officer only glances on the man who he thinks is a “suspicious”, it would be a little arbitrary. Third, the police officer should also show the identity to the man at first instead of killing the man right away. “He is so intent upon the three men and the girl that he does not notice the police car drift against the curb, nor the officer who advances with a pistol in his hand”. The man doesn’t even have time to react and show his identity which he would do next, “in the last voluntary movement of his life, he reached his hand toward his wallet for his identity”. The police officer is so nervous and inexperienced to handle such situation so he chooses the most extreme way: kill the man, which is ridiculous, which is the worst choice in any situations.
Although the man is a little strange, the police officer shouldn’t kill him without knowing his identity. Because of his nervous and inexperienced, an innocent life has been taken away.



I think the marijuana is harmful to the teen, because:

1) it will cause us addict to it and we will get mental illness, we will become easier to get angry and moody

2) it will cause we stay away from others like family and friends.

3) it cause needless bill and we will become more lazy.

4) it does harm to our Brain like short term memory.

Explain the cartoon ‘Chain of Friendship’

Identify the countries:

A- Serbia

B-  Austria-Hungary

C- Russia

D-  Germany

E-  France

F- Britain

Identify the theme and explain the history:

2) Theme: Imperialism. History: The great powers countries want to expand their territories by exploited the land and sources of weaker countries.

3) Theme: Nationalism. History: Some Bosnian Serbs formed the Black Hand, a group willing to fight for their nationalistic goals. They wanted to unite the Slavic peoples to form “Greater Serbia.”
Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie are assassinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

4) Theme: militarism. History: By the beginning of the 20th century, Britain had established the largest navy in the world to protect its vast empire. Germany’s desire to be a major power in Europe drove it to build up its military resources to match Britain’s naval strength. This buildup of military resources forced France—who had long-standing grudges with Germany—to arm itself in a desperate attempt to maintain the balance of power.
 France agrees to respect Belgium’s neutrality, but Germany refuses.
 Germany declares war on France.
 Germany invades Belgium and Luxembourg to attack France.
 Britain declares war on Germany.

5) Theme: Militarism. History: By the beginning of the 20th century, Britain had the strongest power of navy. But German wanted to beat the Britain, so the German  in turn built more ships, including dreadnoughts of its own. It also increased the size of its army and its reserve of weapons.

6) First, Austria issues an ultimatum to Serbia on July 23 to punish those involved in the assassination and suppress nationalism, but Serbia does not accept the part to allow an Austrian inquiry, then in July 28, 1914, Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia. Second, Russians had already mobilized to support Serbia. Third, in July 31, Russians order a general mobilization and orders Russia to stop mobilizing. Fourth, France agrees to respect Belgium’s neutrality, but Germany refused. Finally, Britain declares war on Germany.

7) (a) This represent is Britain’s perspective. Because it is a Britain’s cartoon which appears in the Canadian newspaper at the outbreak of the war. And it also shows that it is “ Dual Alliances” fault to cause the war, and the “ triple entente was the hero because they help the Serbia.

(b) The first country is Serbia. because it has the weakest power so people depicted it as a child.

(c) It’s a ionic. The friendship mean the relationship between the powerful countries and weak countries. They only cared about the profit of their own, so the friendship wasn’t true.



Three goals

The first thing I will do is from now on, I will do training everyday to keep health, and try to eat less fried foods and more fruits. The second thing i will do is from now on, I will talk and stay more time with my family to live in happiness and peaceful. The last thing I will do from now on is, work hard, study hard, and get success everyday.

Poverty cycle

For the country with high prevalence of HIV/AIDS, we can offer the pre-pregnancy check to the pregnant women, and change their living condition by offering their job or donate the money.

For the children born into poverty, the education of children is very important, so we must give the children the chance to study, this is the most important point. And we can also improve the living condition of the children, because they are building up their body and need lots of nutrition. The government should let go some law to protect the children, too.

For the women who born into inequality, the most important point is to change people’s mind of the equality between male and female. We are all born equality. We can also form more feminist organizations in order to let the women who are suffering the inequality have a barrier to protect themselves. The education for the young girls is a big problem. We should protect the right of women of learning. Once they have the knowledge, they would know how to protect themselves and stay away from the poverty.