Poverty cycle

For the country with high prevalence of HIV/AIDS, we can offer the pre-pregnancy check to the pregnant women, and change their living condition by offering their job or donate the money.

For the children born into poverty, the education of children is very important, so we must give the children the chance to study, this is the most important point. And we can also improve the living condition of the children, because they are building up their body and need lots of nutrition. The government should let go some law to protect the children, too.

For the women who born into inequality, the most important point is to change people’s mind of the equality between male and female. We are all born equality. We can also form more feminist organizations in order to let the women who are suffering the inequality have a barrier to protect themselves. The education for the young girls is a big problem. We should protect the right of women of learning. Once they have the knowledge, they would know how to protect themselves and stay away from the poverty.

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