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2: from the data, we know that the dependency ratio is 38.82, I think it’s a bit low because it is lower than 40%, so that’s mean we have more workers than dependents.

3: in the year of 2017 of China, there are more births than the deaths, but the natural increase isn’t high. And the males in China are much more than the females. China has entered the stage 4, that is low birth rates, low death rates and low natural increase. But because of the large cardinal number, the population is still a big problem of China.

4: In the year of 2017 of China, the workers(14~64) is more than the dependents(0~14 and 65~), but the next few year, when the workers become the dependents, we seem to have fewer labors, the dependency ratio will increase so China will get into a little trouble of insufficient labor and aging population. Now China has let go of the two-child policy, it is helpful to reduce the stress from these two problems. The government can also let go of immigration policy to have more talents to work for China.

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