6 Kingdoms




These organisms are in the archaebacteria kingdom because they are prokaryotic unicellular cells. Their cell walls contain uncommon lipids and help with digestion. These cells are heterotrophs and reproduce asexually.




These organisms are part of the eubacteria kingdom because they are prokaryotic, unicellular cells. They are heterotrophs and they have peptidogolycan cell walls and produce asexually.


Plasmodium Vivax

Naegleria Fowleri

These organisms are in the Protista kingdom because they are eukaryotic cells, they are both unicellular, heterotrophs, and reproduce asexually.




These organisms are in the fungi kingdoms because they are eukaryotic. They have chitin cell walls and are decomposers. These organisms are heterotrophs and get their food through absorption.



Sugar Glider

These organisms are part of the animalia kingdom because they are eukaryotic and multicellular. Their cells have no cell walls which makes them animal cells and they are heterotrophs which means they need to eat food to survive.


Elephant-Foot Yam

Bok Choy

These organisms are a part of the plantea kingdom because they are eukaryotic and multicellular with cellulose cell walls. They are also autotroph which means they make their own food using basic energy sources such as sunlight and carbon dioxide.

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Safety First


Never put water on a grease fire

To extinguish fire on someone’s clothes, wrap them in a fire blanket and have them roll on the floor


Run your hand under cold water when you get a burn

Use a wooden spoon instead of a metal spoon when using a pot on the stove


Don’t keep chemicals close to where you are cooking

Never mix household cleaners together


Always clean up spills right away

Always wear suitable footwear in the kitchen to avoid slips


Cut away from you when working with knives to avoid cuts

Cover any cuts with waterproof gloves or bandaids

Heavy Lifting

Lift with your legs to avoid injury

Know your limit, if something is too heavy ask for help

How to Prevent Food Poisoning

Don’t open cans that have dents or bulges

Wash your fruits and vegetables before working with them

Waste Management

Paper towels go in the compost bin

To avoid making unnecessary waste, double check your recipe before preparing ingredients

Personal Hygiene

Tie up hair before cooking

Always wash hands first

Spoken Word Reflection

2 things I’m proud of

– I’m proud that I was able to do the spoken word and not be super nervous like I usually am. I think the fact that I presented in front of only 2 people really helped with my nerves.

– I think that I did a pretty good job at presenting my spoken word  In the sense that I think that I was able to get that specific ‘spoken word’ delivery that I was looking for.

2 things that need improvement

– I think that I definitely could have done a better job at memorizing my spoken word because that would make for a bettter performance.

– Next time I would like to look up more and try and use more hand gestures.

Racism and its Effects

2 things I did well

– I think that my essay was easy to read and understand.

– I tried to used sentences that hook the reader at the beginning of each paragraph

2 things I could have do better

– I could have used more transition words and done better corrections.

– I have to make sure I stay on topic with the question that I focusing on and make sure that I dont stray away and get distracted.

Rube Goldberg Project

1. First, we drop the marble into a cut in flag pool noodle. The marble then goes almost straight down and then it curves up and falls on to the next pool noodle. This noodle then drops the marble onto a slanted piece of cardboard which guides the marble on to another set of pool noodles. The noodles roll the marble across the back wall and drops the marble into a tube which then rolls the marble down and dings the bell.

2. Point A starts with potential energy and transfers to Kinetic around point B. Point B-C goes from kinetic to potential as the marble falls, at point d the energy goes back to potential as the marble falls,F-G and G-H are examples of kinetic to potential as the marble falls. H-I is kinetic to potential as the marble stops, and kinetic to sound as the marble hits the bell.

3. Rube Goldberg Project

Foods 11 – May Lab Reflection

I chose to reflect on the Vegan Pasta lab because it was my favourite to make this month. I ready enjoyed the way that we were able to incorporate a vegan diet into our class. I try my best to avoid meat if I can so having a lab like this where we were able to have a delicious meal that was vegan made me very happy. To be completely honest I was slightly disappoint with the pasta only because I wish that there had been more spices in it but other than that I was very happy with how the lab turned out. Our group was able to do this lab very fast and efficiently and we ended up being done early. I believe that our group works very well together and that we are able to split up our tasks into easier to manage tasks to share between two smaller groups. If I were to do this lab again I would probably chang it from vegan to vegetarian and add some cheese and maybe some more spices of some sort to give the pasta some more flavour. But if I were to remake it again exactly the same I would still be happy with the finished product.

Eating Disorders – Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa or more commonly Anorexia is a psychological eating disorder that can be potentially life-threatening to the patient. There are two types of anorexia: restricting and purging. The restricting type of anorexia achieves weight loss though restricting calories. The purging type of anorexia achieves weight loss through vomiting and laxatives. Anorexia affects the body and  and the mind much like other eating disorders. It affects the body by causing dramatic weight loss, low iron levels, dehydration, muscle loss, weak bones, poor blood circulation as well as other things. Anorexia affects the mind in several different ways such as a fear of gaining weight and a preoccupation with food. There is no single reason as to why a person has anorexia. It is generally started because of mental and emotional reasons such as body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), low self esteem, body dissatisfaction  or bullying from others. Generally anorexia affects women more than men but there are lots of men who suffer with anorexia. The recognizable features of someone who is anorexia are extreme weight loss, anxiety and/or depression, heightened anxiety around meal times, loss or thinning of hair. It is important to remember that just because someone is skinny,that does not mean that they have an eating disorder. Treatments for anorexia can vary based on the patient but common treatment includes: therapy, nutritional-such as meal planning and educating, and medical treatment.

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Foods 11 – April Lab Reflection

I chose to reflect on the Cinnamon Buns lab because it was my favourite lab to make this month. I very much enjoyed this lab because I usually don’t like cinnamon buns because I did that they are too sweet so I was pleasantly suprised to find out that the sugary taste was not too overpowering. At first I was not expecting the buns to grow as much as they did especially because they were so small when we first put them in the oven. The only problem I think that we had was that when we were cutting the cinnamon buns we failed to make sure that the cuts were even which resulted in some buns being quite big and some quite small. I think that our group worked really good together and were able to time everything very well. If I was to do this lab again I would make sure that I cut the buns more evenly because I believe that it makes them look better. I would also make or buy some icing for the buns because I think that cinnamon buns taste really good fresh out of the oven with fresh icing on top of them.

God and I Are Not Friends

I honestly wasn’t super proud with my essay but the things that I am most proud of are my hook and my use of semicolons. I thought that my hook really grabs the readers attention and I tend to struggle with using semicolons properly so I was proud of myself for being able to use it correctly. To improve for next time I would probably like to add more dialogue to practice my writing with that as well as try and explain things more in depth to work on the ‘show don’t tell’ aspect.

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

The story is about how a girl was bullied by her older brother and sister and decided to take action and stand up for herself instead of just letting it happen. The way she decided to stand up for herself by pranking her siblings back and getting ‘even’ with them. We tried to shoot as many angles as we could to create some more intrest for the viewer. While filming and editing the video i learned that I tend to overestimate the amount of clips that I have so the video ends up being too short. I also learned that I get very frustrated when I don’t have a lot of time to edit a video and it doesn’t turn out as good as it usually would if I had more time to edit it.