Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

The story is about how a girl was bullied by her older brother and sister and decided to take action and stand up for herself instead of just letting it happen. The way she decided to stand up for herself by pranking her siblings back and getting ‘even’ with them. We tried to shoot as many angles as we could to create some more intrest for the viewer. While filming and editing the video i learned that I tend to overestimate the amount of clips that I have so the video ends up being too short. I also learned that I get very frustrated when I don’t have a lot of time to edit a video and it doesn’t turn out as good as it usually would if I had more time to edit it.

Making Babies!

Duayne had a square face and a very prominent round cleft chin. He also had medium brown skin and very dark curly hair with a widow peak. Duayne had very dark bushy eyebrows that weren’t connected and brown almond eyes. He has a medium nose and has Darwin’s ear points as well as forehead and cheek freckles. He’s honestly a tad ugly but you can expect anything very nice coming from Josh and I.

Answer the following questions:
A. How does the coin flip relate to the probability of inheriting genetic conditions?
Because there is a 50% chance your get one of the 2 alleles from your mother and a 50% chance you get another one of the 2 allele from your father.
B. How does this simulation accurately represent or not represent real life?
This inaccurately represents your life because it was chosen traits and wasn’t reflective of how a real life baby would inherit the traits of their parents
C. Did you identify any prejudices you might have about what traits you find “desirable”? Where do you think these prejudices come from
Yes, I think by seeing the choices that we could get for our baby we were very focused on making sure the baby wasn’t ‘ugly’. I think this comes from being able to see the options and knowing typically ‘beautiful’ standards and just wanting the baby to look nice.

Foods 11 – March Lab Reflection

I chose to reflect on the Cool Rise Buns + Alphabet Soup lab because it was my favourite lab to make this month. I thourghly enjoyed this lab because of the extremely delicious outcome and how fun they were to make. I personally love bread so it felt very good to be able to enjoy something that I loved and made myself instead of buying it at a store. At first I was not expecting the cool rise buns to work because I didn’t know if we had shaped them well enough so that they would stay the shape we wanted them. I was pleasantly suprised when I saw how they turned out. The Alphabet soup was a bit in the middle for me personally. I thought that it tasted fine but I found the constant heating to be a little annoying. I did enjoy how easy the soup was to make aside from the constant microwaving and I enjoyed knowing that there wasn’t too much salt going into the soup like there would be if we used canned soup.I think the buns and soup were a good pairing and I can see myself making the buns again in the future but I could not say the same for the soup. I believe that our group worked pretty good together. We were quite efficient and were able to get everything done early and well. I personally don’t remember having any issues as our group seemed to get along and work well all together. If I were to do this lab again I would probably put them buns in for a little less time because they ended up a little burnt. I would also put more things into the alphabet soup because I found it to be a little bland and I believe it would taste better with some added veggies and if it were a bit thicker as well.

Foods 11 – February Lab Reflection

I chose to reflect on the Apple Strüdel lab because it was my favourite lab to make this month. Doing a lab in pairs was good to work on our groups time management as we all tried to be done around the same time.  I enjoyed doing this lab because I found braiding the dough a slightly complicated but fun task. I liked this lab because it was generally simple as not much ingredients went into making it but it still turned out very tasty and very flavourful. After braiding the dough and putting the strüdel in the oven i was expecting the dough to have broken apart in the oven, but Reman and I were very happy that the strüdel turned out as it did. The main reason I believe that the braids stayed together is because Reman and I worked together to stretch the dough and glue it down with water. I think our group worked well together in pairs as well as in one unit. Reman and I make a very good pair and we would help the other people in our group whenever they would need it. Our group is always good with time management as we tend to be some of the first done. We start to do the dishes as soon as we can so we don’t feel rushed to finish the dishes right before the bell goes. If I were to do this lab again I would be more careful with the dough and not handle it too much because we had a harder time rolling the dough out into a thin sheet. We were still able to do it correctly but if we had handled the dough less the strüdel could have possibly turned out even better.

My Social Justice Poem

by Holly Coughlan

I felt it when my parents said they don’t accept me.
When they kicked me out of the house at age 16 to fend for myself.
Hurt, that slowly ate away at my already vulnerable confidence.
As I walked down the halls watching eyes look me up and down like a wild animal watching its prey.
I felt it.

I felt it for the first time as I pressed the buzzer to my grandmas apartment.
Fear, that she would throw me out to the rats just as my parents did.
Fear, we’ve been attached at the hip ever since.

I felt it for the first time since I was young.
Love, I feel my spine tingle with excitement every time I look at her.
Love, I’m overwhelmed by it as I hear my children say ‘what would we do without you mom’.

I feel it when I think about the future.
Hope, that my children will grow up knowing how it feels not to be neglected.
Hope, that my parents opinions will one day be corrected.
Hope, that one day I will finally be accepted.

5 Flours

1.Rye Flour is made from the rye grain which gets refined into a flour. Rye flour has a rich flavour and is generallly used for different breads. Rye flour can also be mixed with wheat flour to create different styles of loaf

2.Rice Flour is a form of flour made from finely milled rice. Rice flour is often used as a substitute for wheat flour as some people believe that wheat flour irritates their digestive system. Rice flour can be used for noodles, tempura batter, and sponge cakes

3.Almond Flour is made from finely ground almonds and can be easily made with a food processor. Almond flour is a good choice for anyone with a gluten intolerance. Almond flour can be mixed with other flours that contain gluten and us usually used for cookies and tarts. 

4.00 Flour is made from wheat ground to extreme fineness. This flour is generally used in pasta and very thin crusts. The fineness of the flour makes it very easy to roll to the thinness necessary to make pasta.

5.Bread Flour is made from hard wheat and contains a large amount of gluten and a high protein content. When bread flour is worked the gluten is developed which makes a chewier consistency that is desired in bread. Bread flour is best used for breads, pretzels, and bagels. Anything that requires lots of structure. 
















Where I’m From

Where I’m From
I am from hockey
From hair products and face masks
I am from the freezing home
(Empty , dark , quiet)
I am from the maple tree , in the front yard
I’m from the songs and the silence
From Agnes and Liam
I’m from the sickness and the busy
From “be quiet” and “get to bed”
I’m from going to church , while not religious
I’m from China, Germany, and Ireland
From schnitzel , and beer
From the trips around the world
To the constant fights and apologies
I am from love and neglect.

The Human Condition

In the movie Pay it Forward directed by Mimi Leder, protagonist Trevor McKinney is intrigued by a Social Studies assignment from his teacher Mr.Simonet. The assignment is to think of something to change the world and put it into action. Trevor comes up with the idea of ‘pay it forward’, paying it forward means not to pay someone back for a favour they did for you but to instead to do three good deeds for three new people. The idea is that if one person does a big deed for three people than each of those people will do three more big deeds for three other people and the process will continue until it goes around the whole world. Trevor’s idea sets off an unpredicted wave of human kindness towards others which spreads into a national phenomenon. Human’s have a great ability to spread kindness and selflessness throughout the world and are very capable of being loving towards others even if they do not know them. This movie shows that a small idea, kindness, and a little bit of motivation can change the world greatly.

Float Your Boat

In this experiment we were put into groups of 4 and were given around 10 minutes to construct a boat of out one 20cmx15cm piece of aluminum foil, 15cm of masking tape, 2 toothpicks, and 2 marshmallows. This boat had to be able to float as well as hold the weight of as many pennies as possible.

Hypothesis: If we build an origami boat out of tinfoil then it will hold up will in the water and it will float because it mocks a boat. By putting the pennies in the middle the weight should disperse evenly.

Conclusion: When we conducted the experiment we discovered that our boat was only able to hold 12 pennies before sinking which disproved out hypothesis. If we had used all of the tape we were given instead of only a majority of it then that may have helped our boat from sinking. To improve the experiment we should have chosen a better design for the boat so it wouldn’t get too heavy all at one point and pull the boat down.