Foods 11 – March Lab Reflection

I chose to reflect on the Cool Rise Buns + Alphabet Soup lab because it was my favourite lab to make this month. I thourghly enjoyed this lab because of the extremely delicious outcome and how fun they were to make. I personally love bread so it felt very good to be able to enjoy something that I loved and made myself instead of buying it at a store. At first I was not expecting the cool rise buns to work because I didn’t know if we had shaped them well enough so that they would stay the shape we wanted them. I was pleasantly suprised when I saw how they turned out. The Alphabet soup was a bit in the middle for me personally. I thought that it tasted fine but I found the constant heating to be a little annoying. I did enjoy how easy the soup was to make aside from the constant microwaving and I enjoyed knowing that there wasn’t too much salt going into the soup like there would be if we used canned soup.I think the buns and soup were a good pairing and I can see myself making the buns again in the future but I could not say the same for the soup. I believe that our group worked pretty good together. We were quite efficient and were able to get everything done early and well. I personally don’t remember having any issues as our group seemed to get along and work well all together. If I were to do this lab again I would probably put them buns in for a little less time because they ended up a little burnt. I would also put more things into the alphabet soup because I found it to be a little bland and I believe it would taste better with some added veggies and if it were a bit thicker as well.

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