June 12-16 Shape of the Week

June 12. M Review Act I-III Quotes Explication Worksheet

Review Act I-III Questions

June 13. T Act IV
June 14. W Act I-III Quiz (MC + Quotes Explication)

Finish Act IV/Start Act V

June 15. Th Act V
June 16. F Review Act IV-V Questions

Act IV-V Quotes Explication Worksheet

June 5-9 Shape of the Week

June 5. M SSR + Vocab #29

Finish A Midsummer Night’s Dream Film

June 6. T SSR + Review Vocab

Act I

June 7. W SSR

Act I

June 8. Th SSR

Act II

**Post Movie Trailer on Blog (no trailer, no COL mark)

June 9. F SSR + Vocab Quiz

Watch Movie Trailers

Act II

May 29 – June 2 Shape of the Week

May 29. M SSR + Vocab #28

Movie Trailer Project: Editing Time

**Today is the only editing day you will have. Groups must coordinate editing and complete post-production outside of class time.

**Movie Trailers are due next Friday, June 9.

**On June 8, please upload your trailer to your Edublog; COL teachers will be marking your trailer from your blog. If you do not post your video, you do not get a grade.

May 30. T SSR + Review Vocab

**Vocabulary Quiz #27 TODAY

Essay Writing Planning

May 31. W SSR

In-Class Essay (Day 1 of 2)

June 1. Th SSR

In-Class Essay (Day 2 of 2)

June 2. F SSR + Vocab Quiz

Watch A Midsummer Night’s Dream Film

May 23-26 Shape of the Week

May 22. T SSR + Vocab #27

Movie Trailer Project: Storyboarding and Planning (Day 1 of 2)

**Try to finish your storyboarding today so you can have 3 classes to film. If you do not finish storyboarding today, you have tomorrow but that will cut into your filming time.

May 23. W SSR + Review Vocab

Movie Trailer Project: Storyboarding (Day 2 of 2)

**Storyboarding must be approved by end of class today.

**Start filming once storyboards are approved. Bring props and whatever costumes are needed for your trailer.  

May 24. Th Essay Writing Notes and Planning

Movie Trailer Project: Filming (Day 1 of 2)

May 25. F SSR + Vocab Quiz

Movie Trailer Project: Filming (Day 2 of 2)

**If filming is incomplete by end of today’s class, your group must meet over the weekend to wrap up your filming. On Monday, we will start editing the footage.

May 15-19 In the Heat of the Night Reading Schedule and Shape of the Week

May 15. M SSR + Vocab #26

Review Heat Chapter 11 Questions

Read Heat Chapter 12 + Questions

May 16. T SSR + Review Vocab

Review Heat Chapter 12 Questions

Read Heat Chapter 13 + Questions

May 17. W SSR

Review Heat Chapter 13 Questions

Read Heat Chapter 14 + Questions

May 18. Th SSR

Review Heat Chapter 14 Questions

Paragraph Review

Homework: Rewrite Corrections (due Monday, if you wish to rewrite for a higher mark)

May 19. F SSR + Vocab Quiz

Quiz #3 (Chapter 11-14)

Project Work Time (Storyboarding and Planning)