June 5-9 Shape of the Week

June 5. M SSR + Vocabulary #17

Review Act V Quotes Identification Worksheet

Creative Composition Assignment work time (last block)

June 6. T Romeo and Juliet Act 5 quiz

Final Project (work time 1)

June 7. W Final Project (work time 2)

**Creative writing assignment DUE at start of class 

June 8. Th Final Essay Composition Planning

**Final Essay: Monday and Tuesday next week

June 9. F SSR + Vocabulary Quiz

Final Project (work time 3)

**Mandala DUE

**Questions Package DUE

May 29 – June 2 R&J Reading Schedule and Shape of the Week

May 29. M SSR + Vocabulary #16

Review Act IV questions

Act IV Quotes Identification Worksheet

May 30. T Review Act IV Quotes Identification Worksheet

Mandala Project Work Time

May 31. W Romeo and Juliet Act 4 quiz

Review Act V questions Romeo and Juliet V.i

June 1. Th Romeo and Juliet V.ii-iii (finish play)

Act V Quotes Identification Worksheet

Finish Mandala (last in-class work time)

June 2. F SSR + Vocabulary Quiz

Review Act V Quotes Identification Worksheet

In-Class Composition Paragraph Planning: Topic TBA

A Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal

Newsletter items

Schedule for Next Year

Many of you may have heard of the recent Supreme Court of Canada decision pertaining to class size and composition language for schools in British Columbia.  While it is difficult to provide all the details of the Memorandum of Agreement between the British Columbia Teachers Federation and the Ministry of Education, I will try to highlight the key points which will have an impact on our timetable for next year.  Most classes cannot exceed a class size of 30 students.  In some courses, such as Science, Computer and Business classes, the class size must not exceed 28.  Elective courses such as Tech Ed and Home Economics cannot exceed 24 students.  Furthermore, any class which has 3 or more students with special needs or English as an Additional Language students who are level 1 (have very little English language) must be reduced by 2 students.  This means that a general class cannot be larger than 28, Science, Computers, and Business classes cannot be larger than 26, and Tech Ed/Home Economics courses cannot be larger than 22.  Since Riverside has approximately 200 students with special needs, several of our classes will be reduced.  As a result, we anticipate needing to add an additional 34 classes to our organization.  Since almost every classroom is currently used in each block, the only place for us to add the additional 34 classes is during Block 1 (7:45-8:55) or afterschool.  However, adding classes after school presents another challenge in that those classes will conflict with athletics, theatre, clubs, and several other after school programs/events.  Therefore, we anticipate adding 17 classes in Block 1 in semester 1 and 17 classes in Block 1 in semester 2.  The classes most likely to go in Block 1 will be those where space is required in a specialty area, such as PE, Home Economics, Band, and Science.  Currently, we already have classes such as PE, Physics, Band, and Culinary Arts running in Block 1 both semesters, but given the need to meet the new class size and composition requirements, we will have more classes running in Block 1.

Course Change Process

We are changing our process for students wanting to make changes to their timetable.  In the past, students requiring course changes would schedule an appointment with their counsellor in the first week of school in September.  However, given the new class size and composition requirements, we must do our best to ensure that classes are not in violation.  In order for us to do this, we will need to track every course change a student makes so that it does not put a class in violation.  In other words, if a student wants to switch a class, but by doing so, that change makes the class go over on size or composition, we will not be able to accommodate that request.

Therefore, the new process for course changes will be as follows:

·         Students will receive their 2017/2018 timetable during RAP on June 7th

·         Students seeking a course change must submit a course change request at http://tinyurl.com/muaavae from June 7- June 10.  Students may also use the following QR code to submit the survey:       

·         The counselling and administrative team will meet on June 13th to address each request while attempting to maintain the appropriate class size and composition.  Once course changes are completed, no further changes will be made.  Once counsellors have completed course changes, they will email an updated schedule back to the students at their school district email account.

·         Course changes in September will only be made for extenuating circumstances (eg. change in course request due to summer school).  However, NO course changes will be made for the following reasons:

o   Wanting a class in a different block

o   Wanting a different elective

o   Wanting a different teacher

o   Wanting a class with a friend

o   Wanting a study block at a different time


Staffing Changes

This is the time of year which typically warrants the movement of staff from school to school.  Usually, this is driven by layoffs and bumping.  This year, I am pleased to say that there are no teacher layoffs.  As a result, we expect few changes to our teaching staff.  We currently have five postings which will need to be filled before September and we plan to start the interview process at the end of May.  However, we are aware of a few retirements or moves.

Firstly, we will be saying good-bye to Ms. Becker, our Vice Principal.  Ms. Becker has been appointed Principal at Blakeburn Elementary School.  We are happy to see her promoted to this position, but of course will miss having her here.  She has been a terrific asset to our school.  Ms. Becker will begin her new position on July 1.  Replacing Ms. Becker is Ms. Leanne Buteau.  Ms. Buteau will be joining us from Charles Best Secondary School where she has been a Vice Principal for the past 5 months.  Prior to Charles Best, Ms. Buteau was a Vice Principal at Vancouver Technical Secondary School and Churchill Secondary in Vancouver.  Ms. Buteau is born and raised in Coquitlam, having graduated from Centennial Secondary and attended Mountain View Elementary and Banting.  Her three daughters are also graduates from our district.  She is pleased to be working close to home and is looking forward to joining our team.  We are also saying goodbye to Bonnie Angstadt, our Youth Worker.  Bonnie is retiring after being with Riverside for 20 years.  As many of you know, she is very well loved by students and we know she will be sadly missed.  Bonnie is looking forward to having more time to spend with her grandchildren and of course travelling.  Replacing Bonnie in September is Monica Brochu.  Monica is currently a Youth Worker at Citadel Middle School.  She knows many of our students as Citadel is a feeder school for Riverside.  She is very happy to join us and we know she’ll be a great addition to our staff.  We are also wishing Bon Voyage to Louise Hiebert, one of our office secretaries.  Louise has also been a long-standing employee at Riverside.  Much of the communication you receive from the school comes to you via Louise, as she looks after our newsletter and email communication, and helps us with many of our events, such as commencement, dinner and dance, and awards.  We will also be wishing Happy Retirement to Claudette Swatez, one of our EAs who joined us this year.  Ms. Swatez will be with us until September.  She has been a wonderful addition to our Student Services team and we wish her the very best.