Rube Goldberg Project

Unfortunately, in the final video somethings are different then when we shot the clip of the whole thing, but, the only things that changed are, we added a track at the beginning and near the end of the contraption, and we added a magnet on the car and cup.

  1. It starts off with a phone call, when the phone receives the call and starts vibrating this is an example of electric energy to mechanic
  2. The ball rolls down the track and hits the dominos
  3. the dominos fall against each other and fall against the books for more power
  4. the book falls against a pressure pad on a mouse trap and this activate the trap. This is an example of mechanic to spring.
  5. the trap pulls a string that attached to it
  6. The string slightly tugs on a hot wheels car and it rolls forward a little
  7. the hot wheel car has a magnet that repels another magnet inside of a cup. This is mechanic to magnetic energy
  8. the cup knocks a ball onto the track
  9. the ball bumps some books that flip a light switch. This is an example of mechanical energy to light.



Contraption before it was changed

Finished Rube Goldberg