Character Sketch- Two Fishermen

K. Smith is a character in “Two Fishermen” portrayed as a middle aged Caucasian male who has a wife and five children. Smith is assumed to have a secondary education who’s middle class considering he has a government job as a hangman. Smith is not your average height American male, “He had a large head, tapering down to a small chin, a birdlike neck, and a very wistful smile” ( Callaghan 1). Smith accent is considered to be American since the setting of the story and the time period. Smith likes to go fishing and wishes to fish with his wife more often, because he travels for work most of the time than spends time with his family. Smith took his fishing rod and his scotch while he traveling for work, “stick with a heavy fishing-line twined around it” (Callaghan 1). Smith likes to fish when he travels for work, indicates he lives near a lake or river back home where he likes to fish. Smith believes that somebody should have his job. Smith is a friendly, shy person who likes to develope friendships. Feels confident at work than he does outside of work.

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