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Core Competent Canadians- Hannelie Jogha

what did you know about core competencies before this activity? What did you learn?

I knew about core competencies before this activity because I have done them previously in other classes. I have done the 6 section core competencies related to my work and work habits. During this activity I learned how to sort people and their beliefs/jobs and sort them into different sections. Foe example, I put Emily Carr Into the creative section and Kraig Kielburger into the more critical thinking side.

How can your knowledge of the core competencies help you in your school/personal life?

I can use my core competency knowledge and use it into my school work because I can take my projects and use different ways of approaching it. I could take some projects to a critical side, or social side, or creative side depending on what the project is itself.

Our core competency: 

Explore The Field- Science 9

My Question: How do wind and water create electricity?

I want to research this question because I can research a way to create electricity with something simple as water and wind, and see if its better then typical ways of electricity such as solar panels. I especially want to research the different ways of electricity because if something using wind and water is better for the environment, then why not use it and change the way some places in the world produce their electricity?

Some media from 

My 3 Critical questions:

What is the cheapest source of energy? By David Neild/ The University of Yale. Source of information is from (Google)

Solar power is the cheapest and is also very environmentally friendly source of electricity. Solar is also half the price of coal based powered things. Solar energy is becoming very popular because it isn’t very expensive in most places, it includes cheap equipment and is a natural environmental friendly resource. Solar is not the cheapest all around the world but is cheapest in the majority of the world. For example, in developing countries like Gaza, solar panels are cheap but not everyone has the access to constant electricity that they need.

What source is most reliable? By Steven Avv. Information from (Google)

Fossil fuels are the most reliable source of energy across North America and The United Kingdom. Fossil fuels are made of coal and natural gas. Natural gas is said to be about 32% of the resource and coal is said to be 30%. Fossil fuels are the most reliable especially because they are high in demand and are extremely dependable.

What source of energy is most natural and best for the environment? (google)

Wind power is the most environmentally friendly and does not have any toxic fumes, or harms  anyone globally. Win power is produced by Ising wind turbines. The wind rotates the wings, which makes the rotator that I also connected to a shaft spin, which would generate us with electricity. Wind power is the most non wasteful, clean, natural, affordable, resource that is out there.

My Main Question: What source of electricity is best for third world countries? 

In my findings I found every question I had all had different answers. I found that in third world countries the best option is either wind power, or solar power. If the country has space, and enough wind to power the windmills it would be a really good choice to invest in. First off, it is environmentally friendly and doesn’t create waste with fossil fuels etc.
If the place you are in doesn’t have the access to wind then solar power is also a cheap, environmental friendly investment that will give many power.

Answering these critical questions really helped me see how every question has different answers. For example, I asked questions that could help developing countries have the best way of providing electricity for their country, but every question had a totally different answer. All the questions were some how related and everything was still so different. I wanted the best source to be clearly identified but that isn’t the case because different reasons have different answers. This helped me realize there isn’t just one clear answer, it all depends on where you are, how much money it is, and if it works in your certain area. Solar power may not be as reliable if you aren’t getting as much sun as you need, but depending on where you are it may be the best option.

During this assignment I answered;

  1. “What is the cheapest source of electricity?”
  2. “What source of electricity is the most reliable”?
  3. “What source of energies the best for the environment”?

Some other questions that are related to my assignment are

  1. “What is an easier source of energy to use and maintain”?
  2. “What source of energy is the most popular and why”?
  3. “what type of energy is the most used in richer places and why”?

During this assignment I used Google to research points to answer my questions, I used a new cite called pexels to find my photos.

During the research process when I found a piece of information I needed I checked a lot of other cites to see if it was true, and I made sure the information sounded real and reliable. When I wanted to use a piece of information from google, I checked a few other websites to see what the have to say, and if it was similar or not.

This was a harder assignment for me because I had trouble finding good sources of information on websites other than google. I used pexels to find photos other than on google images, but finding actual articles that would help my questions was a harder challenge for my type of questions. I think I could have made it better by trying out more websites and getting use to other cites other than google.




fruit electricity- science 9

Fruit Electricity Lab – Science 9                                                                                                   Hannelie Jogha

Hypothesis: I think that the lemon is going to be the highest voltage. I think that it is going to be the highest because lemons contain a lot go citrus and acid and I just have a feeling it will work the best.

Results: Potato 0.3 volts, Dragon fruit 0.7 volts, apple 0.2 volts, orange 0.4 volts, banana 0.5 volts, lemon 0.8 volts, lime 0.3 volts.

Our Materials: 

Some photos of our materials, fruits, and set up:


  • The drier the fruits, the less voltage they scored. (the potato and the apple had a lot less than the lemon, lime and dragon fruit).
  • The more acid and juice the fruit had the more voltage it scored (like my hypothesis)
  • The rods that were stuck into the fruit would tend to fall out and be looser, but once secured the voltage would go up.
  • The size of the fruit didn’t really matter that much, it depended on how much juice is contained or if it was a drier fruit.


  • What kind of circuit will produce electron flow in your fruit/vegetable cell?

A closed circuit. (Because it is able to circulate electrons and create a charge)

  • If your bulb doesn’t glow, how can you find out if electrons are flowing?

You could check and see how much voltage it contains and if it is creating charge or not.

  • If your bulb doesn’t glow, why not?

It may be because there is not enough voltage and electrons aren’t moving enough to create a charge to power the bulb. Also, check to see if you have a complete/closed circuit to create power.

  • How can we modify our experiment to improve our results?

We could use more of a variety of fruits to test them and see if different textures, tastes, looks, and sizes of the fruits matter on their voltage. (Example- (pineapple vs. a blueberry)

  • What is causing electrons to flow in this experiment?

The acid in the fruit helped the electrons flow.

  • How can I use this in my everyday life?

I can use this if I never needed electricity where there was no way to get it. For example if the power is out and for some reason my family and I needed electricity we could use something that uses/provides power to create some charge.


In conclusion, my hypothesis was correct. The lemon was had the highest voltage of 0.8 volts. The lemon had the highest of 0.8, and the dragon fruit was not far behind with 0.7 volts. I had a feeling the lemon was going to create the highest voltage because it contains a lot of acid and citrus and I thought it would work best for creating a charge. It created a high charge because of the fruit itself and when the metal is co-working with the fruit it creates electrons to  move to create a charge.

Electricity Mind map-Science 9


  1. How to windmills generate and produce electricity?
  2. How useful are solar panels for a place like Vancouver where we get a lot of clouds and rain
  3. How can you decrease your electricity bill?
  4. How do electric cars take in electricity?
  5. How does hydroelectricity give us the electricity that we need?
  6. Is hydroelectricity good for the environment?

Safety story/map

Classroom 231 has learned all the safety features for the experiments they are going to be doing in science after lunch. Including that the hazardous material symbols. One of them was the flame symbol, which represents that the substance is flammable.The second one was the tube looking object represents compressed gas. The class had to remember these signs, so we are all more aware of the substances and materials. After lunch came and everyone headed to their afternoon class. Everyone came in and put on their safety goggles and get prepared to start. The reason they use safety goggles it to protect their eyes if anything they were handling flew into their faces. The teacher grabs our attention to introduce a new student named John who is coming to join our class. Our teacher decides to let John join the experiment without knowing many of the rules. We then began to read the directions and prepare the hot plate. The class was using the hot plates to heat up water to a boiling point. John came in with no idea of safety and began to plug in the hot plate. One of the students warn John and hand him some goggles. Next, John reaches over the hot plate to grab the measurement of water and his sleeve goes right into the water. A girl in the class spots John doing this and shows him that its hot and that he needs to move around it because he could burn himself. They all continued to fill a beaker of water to warm up on the hot plate. Another boy in John’s group was dropping in some chemicals from a eye dropper to create the formula. A while passes, and the water was reaching its boiling point and it was moved off of the hot plate and onto the counter. A graduated cylinder was brought in for a second experiment and John knocked it off the counter and it shattered on the floor. Some kids swept up the large pieces of broken glass and John had the job of getting the little pieces. After all the large pieces are gone, he starts to use his hands for the little pieces. We had to show him that it could still cut you and you have to use a wet paper towel to pick up the small pieces. John then had the job of throwing away the glass, so he goes to throw it in the trashcan and then Sarah had to show that it goes in the broken glass bin. The broken glass bin is to prevent someone from creating a hole in the bag and cutting someone who is taking it out the trash.

This symbol represents that something is flammable.


This symbol represents that is compressed gas.







Math Reflection- Term 1

This math term, was not a great term for me. This year, my anxiety during school was getting a lot worse then it has in the past. Math is not hard for me and I grasp onto concepts and strategies easily once I am shown how to complete the steps. I complete all my homework and understand what we are doing in class. But the unit tests really do throw me off and everything I know runs away from me. I can easily show my knowledge through non-stressful things like Homework or projects. But as soon and its a test I am not able to solve the equations I would have no problem doing if it was not a test. Because our grades are based on our unit tests, and I do not deal well with tests my goal is going to try not to let my anxiety get in the way of me passing this class when I can understand what we are learning. If I can keep my anxiety levels down I would hope I can do better on my tests. It is a lot easier for me to show my understanding using ways that don’t stress me out, like a homework sheet, or a small quiz that we have a night to prepare for etc. I just hope when we come back we will have more options for people who are like me who can’t do tests and we at least have a chance of doing well in math 9.

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