January 2019 archive

Math Reflection- Term 1

This math term, was not a great term for me. This year, my anxiety during school was getting a lot worse then it has in the past. Math is not hard for me and I grasp onto concepts and strategies easily once I am shown how to complete the steps. I complete all my homework and understand what we are doing in class. But the unit tests really do throw me off and everything I know runs away from me. I can easily show my knowledge through non-stressful things like Homework or projects. But as soon and its a test I am not able to solve the equations I would have no problem doing if it was not a test. Because our grades are based on our unit tests, and I do not deal well with tests my goal is going to try not to let my anxiety get in the way of me passing this class when I can understand what we are learning. If I can keep my anxiety levels down I would hope I can do better on my tests. It is a lot easier for me to show my understanding using ways that don’t stress me out, like a homework sheet, or a small quiz that we have a night to prepare for etc. I just hope when we come back we will have more options for people who are like me who can’t do tests and we at least have a chance of doing well in math 9.

Blackout Poem


This poem is the the theme of love. It relates to love because it talks about how “its moments like these” and all the “wonderful things” about love. It really shows how you can love someone and still be yourself. Like it says, “I loved him” yet “found myself” and you will go through hard times in a relationships etc. My poem showed the theme of love, and how you don’t always choose who you love.


chilli cook off reflection

Chilli Cook-off

Our group was searching online, and we found a few different recipes. We had a potato recipe, a classic chilli recipe, a steak recipe, and the last one we found was a ground beef and bacon one. It looked really fancy and had a lot of different ingredients. We ended up going with the ground beef and bacon recipe and it ended up really well. This recipe we chose had double the ingredients than the others, but we wanted a challenge.

Our group was a little stressed at first because there was so much food that we needed to get prepared and into the pot. We were all stressing and it was hard to find something to do because there was so much to do in just 1 block. We ended up all having different jobs to prepare and cook the food. For example, two of us would be cooking the meat so the ground beef and the bacon. The other two people would be preparing the vegetables and the spices that needed to go in after the bacon was cooked. When we all figured out what we had to do and got into the flow of things everything got a lot easier and we got into the flow of things. After that it was a lot of cleaning up, but we ended up getting it done just when the bell went.

The chilli was all combined together by the end of class and we transferred it to a dish that was then placed into the fridge. We realized that it wasn’t spicy at all and we needed more spice.

The next day when we needed to heat it up, we added siracha, some spices, some sauces and some lime juice. Those ingredients made the ingredients combine so much better and we got a lot more flavour then we had before. Now the chilli we made was spicier and tasted a lot better.



lab reflection #2

  1. Fettuccine Alfredo:

I am choosing to reflect on this lab because this lab was a really quick and easy recipe. It was a really good recipe to do at home and it was really good as well. I enjoyed making this lab because it was different to the other ones we did, and it was really tasty. This lab turned out really well, our noodles were soft, and the sauce was really creamy, and it all combined really well. During this lab our group was really efficient by having some of us make the sauce, some of us making the pasta and some of us doing dishes and getting cleaned up early while the cooking is still in progress. It is a lot easier to cook when you have the dishes being done earlier rather than later. This lab went really well from what I remember.

  1. Hassel back potatoes:

I am choosing this lab to reflect on because I really enjoyed making and eating the finished product. The potatoes were really good with all the seasonings on top because it gave it really good flavour. The potatoes were a pretty easy and good recipe. The finished product turned out pretty well. Our group worked really well together just like the other lab. We all had different jobs that contributed, and we got cleaned up and had time to eat. If I got to do this lab again, I would take more time cutting the potatoes and not rush as much and try to get the seasonings and butter right down in the middle of the potatoes. Otherwise this recipe was one I would use at home too.