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2 cooking reflections

  1. breakfast cookies-

I chose to reflect on this lab, because it was a really fun lab to make, and they were really good. I enjoyed this lab because it was really enjoyable to make and it was one of our first cooking assignments. The product turned out really well, we didn’t burn them, they were cooked through perfectly. We had everything laid out nicely will the timer, and how we were going to clean the unit etc. It was really nice, because our group worked really well together and we had a fun time making it. It was also good because, our group really cleaned up well and we washed fast and got it all done in time to relax after. We didn’t run into any issues but when we did we just solved them easily without argument. We would sometimes question each other on directions, but we would solve that easily or just ask the teacher for the correct answer. If I were to do this lab again, I would maybe take it a little slower and not stress about time as much. Because it was our 2nd lab we didn’t exactly know how to get everything done in a timely manner, but now we have learned how to get everything done and have time to relax. Now, when we have done most of the cooking, the dishwasher will start to dish wash and start to dry so, we get a head start in the cleaning process. It I much less stressful when you are not as worried about cleaning your unit in time to go to your next class. It was a learning process, to figure out how the class went and how we were suppose to clean in time etc. This lab was overall really fun to bake, and it was a recipe that I would do at home and make for a to go breakfast food.

2. toad in the hole-

I chose to reflect on this lab, because it was our first lab and we were all really excited to cook our first dish. I enjoyed this lab because we got to learn every step into cooking “toad in the hole” and learning while we cook. Our product didn’t turn out exactly well, because the pan we were using got hotter than it should have and made our bread a little burnt. We had a group of 4, and 2 out of 4 of ours were very burnt. We did all try the non-burnt ones and they were really good. Our group worked very well together and even when things got annoying when we were burning things we just laughed it off and continued trying to fix the issue instead of getting frustrated with each other. If we got a chance to to re-do this lab I would try not to burn the bread. I would make sure we were using a better pan and watching how hot it got and what was the correct temperature. Overall, this lab was really enjoyable to make.


3 At Home

breakfast – ham and cheese crepe: 



This recipe is a french crepe, with an eggs and ham inside. This is a good recipe because, it combines all breakfasts foods into one recipe for breakfast.




lunch – devil egg: 



This recipe is a devilled egg with green onion, and a few different flavour enchanters to bring out the flavour in the egg.




Dinner – egg and veggie stir-fry



This recipe is a egg and prawn stir-fry, with ginger and soy sauce. It is mainly egg and prawns and it is perfect for dinner because it is healthy and easy to cook.


advertising products

1) Product:  Ceaser dog food

 2) Describe the images, colours, and font style: The colours are blue, everything Is a light blue and they have white dogs in the image. the image has 2 dogs, one is suppose to be the dog “ceaser” from the dog food and there is another dog who apparently loves the ceaser food. the font in the image is just a little caption in the middle of the advertisement.

3) Name the emotions the ad is trying to evoke from the viewer: I think they may be wanting to show that your dog will really love the dog food and be happier. If you have a dog you want them to be happy and enjoy eating so I think that is what they are trying to get at. I have 2 dogs and i’m looking at this advertisement and I instantly want to buy this product for my dogs.

4) What type of consumer do you think this ad is meant to appeal to: It is meant to appeal to any dog owners, mainly adults because mainly their job to pick what dog food you want your dog to eat.

5) Advertising strategies: I think they used emotions because if you have dogs and you see this ad where these dogs are happy and are all over the girl who gave them food you will want that with your dogs as well. Also, if you have a more picky dog and they will enjoy this type of dog food you will feel better about feeding it to your dog. I think this because there is a caption in the photo, that says ” Now every dog wants to be a Ceaser dog”. Meaning, now all the dogs want to eat Ceaser’s dog food.


1.Product: coke

2. Describe the images, colours and font styles: The colours are really bright, and it stands out a lot. The image has a darker background and the coke bottle itself is bright and red and stands out. There is a quote and it says “can’t beat the real thing”.

3. Name the emotions the ad is trying to evoke from the viewer:  I think that is it trying to make the person who is looking at the photo want a ice cold coke. They are aiming towards making the viewer want there product by showing them images and clips of things that will make them want the coke. For example, the bright colours, the captions and how it is laid in ice.

4. What type of consumer do you think this ad is meant to appeal to: Honestly all ages. I think it appeals to younger kids, because they all like sugary drinks and soft drinks. Teenagers, because they can buy it at school, work, mall, and in general. Lastly, adults because they can buy it for themselves or buy for family parties and to have at home in general.

5) Advertising strategies: They have it laid in ice to make it more appealing because it is implying that its cold and refreshing. How they have it in a glass bottle and captioned “the real thing”. In general this advertisement has a lot of strategies to intrigue consumers into buying their product because of little things like a caption, or an image.