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kindness starts with you

Social change can happen with the small actions of dedicated individuals. Kindness is something everyone is capable of. I chose this photo because it shows true kindness. You can help people by doing the smallest things. This photo shows an older lady in the rain trying to cross the road. Next to her, is a younger lady is holding an umbrella for her and they are about to cross the road together. It shows how just helping an older citizen cross the road can make an impact. The lady in the photo had the courage to help someone who didn’t ask. It relates to FEC, because Mrs.R had the courage to take a step up and take action to Alma’s question.  She really made a change to the school and gave a major message to the girls as to how they can do anything just as easily as the boys can. The second thing this photo relates to is Gandalf’s quote about how small deeds can keep the evil away. The photo is a small deed which shows true kindness. She may not be keeping evil away, but she is keeping the old lady safe from harm. In addition, a simple act of kindness that can make a huge difference in someone’s life. She probably made the older lady’s day and it may be an act she will never forget. Lastly, the picture relates to the world for many reasons. If you do a simple deed, you never know the impact it may have on another person. I feel that everyone in the world is capable of doing a simple deed too kindness to help someone.

  • My writing goal: My writing goal is to improve my sentence structure. Meaning I need to plan out my sentences more and add commas and periods when needed. I really want to make sure my paragraphs are correctly put together and sound good when I read them.

foods journal

Foods journal

When I think about foods I typically eat, a lot comes to mind. I think at least half of what I eat comes in packaging. When you think about a regular food item you realize how much waste you may be producing.

Think about when you go to the store to get some groceries for dinner. You are making tacos, you need to buy tortillas, taco shells, lettuce, salsa, sour cream, tomato’s, cheese, and beef. That’s a lot of plastics and waste being thrown away. For example, the tortillas, and shells come in a cardboard box and inside there is a plastic covering the shells. Those create waste because the plastics that the tortillas and the shells are in have to be thrown away after you use them. The lettuce you either buy the pre-shredded lettuce that

comes in a plastic package or regular lettuce that you then put in a plastic bag to take home. Either way you are creating waste by using the plastic packaging. The salsa comes in a glass jar which is recyclable, so far, we only have one recyclable item. Then you go and get the sour cream which comes in a plastic container which is producing waste. Then you get tomato’s which you take what you need and put in a plastic bag. The next thing you need is cheese which you either buy pre-shredded cheese or the block of cheese you grate at home. Either way it is in plastic. Now the last thing you need is. The ground beef, which comes in a plastic packaging and has a Styrofoam bottom, and you then put in a plastic bag. Then you go to the cashier to pay and you put all of the items in a grocery bag, and all of that is going to waste when you get home.

As you can tell, I think the main packaging is plastic. I think the packaging is plastic because I think It may keep the food items fresher and protect it from bacteria. But it’s negative, because it is creating so much waste in our lands, and in our oceans. Once we have eaten the food inside then the plastics go into the garbage and into our oceans or landfills. It may take up to 1000 years to decompose a plastic bag because they need a lot of time to break down and disintegrate into the soil. When I think about that I just think of how much plastic is sitting there. There for plastic bags are not a very good thing for the environment. Some ways you can decrease the amount of wastes is use recyclable products to package in.

For a consumer, you can try to buy things that have less waste or don’t have plastics that will create waste. For example, I would buy regular tomato’s instead of the packaged small ones, or instead of buying pre- cut tomato’s because little things reduce waste.

Another example is I would buy packaging that is recyclable over something like plastic. I’m glad that some places use paper bags so you can recycle it after instead of the regular plastic ones. Most stores now charge you for bags hoping you won’t buy them, but people still do, and I think every store should have paper bags that can be recycled.

digital footprint learning

How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities?

Your digital footprint may affect your future in many different ways. First of all when you are applying for jobs they may google, or research about you and they may find out things you did online. If you post something when you are younger, and you decide to delete it later it still stays online forever and depending on what that is, it may affect your job opportunities. As a result, they may see things online that you posted and they may not want you to work for them.


Keeping your digital footprint safe?

There are many strategies to keep your digital footprint safe. The first reason is that before you post something you should think if its worth posting or not and if its going to affect you in the future. The second reason is that maybe you shouldn’t post into a public website or social media to the internet where everyone can access. I think if you want to post you should at least post on a private account where only people you know or you allow to see your posts can see, instead of a public account where you may have random people looking at your posts. The third reason that I thought of was maybe not tagging you name or full name in everything that you post to stay private and not have everything linked to you. Maybe not have your full name as your user so not everyone knows your full name so they can’t find you online as easy.


What information would I pass along?

I would pass along many messages about the internet.  For example one reason I would pass along is that everything that you post on the internet stays on the internet even when you delete it from your feed. Meaning that if you post a photo and decide later to delete it, its really not off the Internet. I would also pass along that you should be careful on the internet and understand what you are posting and what the affects are. For example, I would pass along that if something doesn’t have a positive benefit on posting you shouldn’t post it.