Everyone Get’s Water

A movement seldom happens overnight. For the most part, a change in attitude is brought about by small actions.In this picture the lady on the right is giving the guy on the left a open water bottle.If it wasn’t for her assuming he wanted or even needed water from running, then he would of probably needed to stop and ask someone to help him with his water bottle.  He doesn’t have both of his hands. This relates to The Friday Everything Changed because if it wasn’t for Alma asking if girls can get water that lead to Miss.Ralston hitting the home run the girls would of probably never had the opportunity to get the water for their class.This picture also relates to the quote by Gandalf because by the lady giving the gentleman water it was a small act of kindness.And when Miss.Ralston allowed the girls to now get water it was a small act of kindness that means a lot to the girls and it probably meant a lot to the gentleman when the lady gave him water.

My Writing goal

My goal is to use bigger word in my sentences ex. instead of happy I could use cheerful or joyful exc. I also want to have no run on sentences and use periods,commas and semicolons properly in my future work.



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