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Advertising Target Markets

In 2013, Extra created a commercial called “Father & Daughter” to promote their spearmint flavor gums. Their target audience is all ages, as people eat gums no matter what their age is. The story is about a father that uses gum wrappers to make origami swans for his daughter whenever they eat gums. It turns out the daughter kept all the origami swans her dad made for her. It shows the bond between her and her father. Different advertising techniques are used in this commercial. One of the techniques that apply to this commercial is plain folks, the daughter and father are just like any ordinary family, they are neither celebrity or expert. Overall, the mood of the advertisement is sad, as it is designed to make the audience sob, which could be identified as emotional appeal. At the end of the commercial, repetition was used. The slogan, “Give Extra Get Extra” appeared, it is a catchphrase that Extra used every time in their commercial.


Short Story to Internet Based Article – “Evil Robot Monkey”

A Monkey Robot Escaped During His Ride to The Exhibition

Hannah Cheng

Police are tracing a robot monkey named Sly, who had escaped while he was transferring to a robot exhibition this morning.

A lab in California had done several experiments on monkeys. After many trials, scientists figured out how to change a monkey’s brain with the robotic chip, RC32-7892. A monkey’s IQ (intelligence quotient) can be adjusted within the chip, it will be able to help monkeys think like humans.

This technology will be able to help humans to do things that require lots of strength. It can also be used to replace jobs, reduces the money businesses need to hire employees.

The first successful monkey robot is named Sly. Scientists implanted RC32-7892 robotic chip into Sly’s brain since he is born. He was analyzed by students and scientists while being kept in a pen.

Although Sly is as smart as a human, he was not treated as one. He had been trapped in a pen for his whole life. He often claimed that he is not an animal. Sly is too smart to be with other monkeys but too animal to be with humans.

As a chimp with the brain of a human, the only thing Sly can do in his pen is pottery, his only interest. Vern, one of the handlers of Sly, bought a pottery wheel for Sly as he always been bored.

Everything was the same until a week ago, a day just like any ordinary day, a group of elementary students along with their teacher visited Sly as their field trip.

Students banged on the window of Sly’s pen when he was working on his pottery. Children laughed and swung their arms, pretended to be a chimp. Sly’s face turned red, he walked toward the window and spelled an inappropriate word in front of students.

The teacher saw what happened, she immediately took away her students. The incident was later reported to Sly’s handlers. As his discipline, clay was taken away from Sly.

A few days after the incident, another group of elementary students came to visit Sly. This time, students did even more excessive behaviours to anger Sly. Sly threw his clay on the window and wrote an extremely inappropriate sentence to threaten students.

Sly’s action enraged their teacher, she complained about this event to his handlers. Delilah, the head of Sly’s handler team, Close-up Photography of Black Gorillawas really upset about what happened. She ordered Vern to take away the pottery wheel from Sly, which had been the only interest of the monkey.

According to Sly’s handler, Sly had been really depressed after his pottery wheel was taken away from him. He hid in the corner of his pen and refused to eat anything.

Up to this morning, Sly was transferred to a robot exhibition. Sly was gone when staffs opened the cage. It was suspected that Sly escaped during his ride to the exhibition.

An hour later, it was reported that a monkey attacked a pottery workshop. Police confirmed that the chimp was Sly after they checked the security camera.

Vern, a handler of Sly said in an interview, “I know Sly, he is not an evil robot, he just wants to do pottery.”

Police are now tracking Sly’s location with the GPS in his chip. It is still unknown what the government will do to the Sly after they capture him.

Below are some ideas of what the government might do once Sly is captured: 

  • Sly will be kept in a pottery workshop while students and scientists continue to analyze him.
  • Euthanasia might be one of the options if Sly resist when he is being captured.
  • Sly will be euthanized if he attacks people.
  • Sly will be left in the zoo with other chimps.

The incident showed the society a glimpse of the danger of AI technologies (artificial intelligence)  in the future, but will not prevent humans from developing more technologies.

Above video was taken before Sly went missing.

Sources:   Pixabay


Reflection on above paragraph:

For this project, I decided to choose “Evil Robot Monkey” to do my internet-based article. In the “lead paragraph”, I briefly told the reader what happened in one sentence by answering the following questions: what, when, who, where, and how. The original writing types of “Evil Robot Monkey” were narrative writing and descriptive writing. I used expository writing and narrative writing to recreate the story to an internet-based article, I showed readers what happened and explained facts that I created for the story. I decided to add more events to the story to make the article more interesting, such as Sly escaped when he was transferred to an exhibition and broke into a pottery workshop. I explained the story with more details as it went on, like a “pyramid”, more general and important information on the top and more details at the bottom. I spaced out paragraphs and used short sentences to help readers read the article more easily. I “show” what happened in the story to readers instead of “telling” them. To help readers navigate the article easier, I bolded the bullet list to help it stands out. I inserted links and images around texts, I drew a vase that was made by Sly and the chip that was implanted in Sly, also a video at the very bottom of the article if readers want any extra information. As I wrote the story, I learned more about how to make an internet based article and what to do to interest the reader.

Internet Article Practice – “A Sound of Thunder”

A Time Travel Company Accidentally Changed The Winner of The Latest United State Presidential Election

Hannah Cheng

Time Safari Inc, a time-traveling company, had recently changed the latest United State Presidential Election. With the permission of the government, Time Safari Inc offered Safaris to any year in the past, hunters could shoot any animals they want.

Here are a few rules hunters must follow while on the Safari:  

  • Listen to the Safari guides
  • Stay on the path
  • Only shoot animals with marks

A group of hunters travelled back in the past to hunt Tyrannosaurus Rex a day after the election. One of the hunters named Eckels left the path while the group was attacked by Tyrannosaurus Rex and accidentally stepped on a butterfly.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Was the Tyrant Lizard King | HowStuffWorks

As a result, the English language, the color wheel and the United State election winner were changed, the butterfly species were lead to extinction and more undiscovered consequences.

Eckels was later found dead inside the office of the company. According to Lesperance, the fellow Safari guide assistance, Eckels was killed by his fellow Safari guide, Travis.

Police are now investigating the business and the government is discussing to forever ban time travelling as they see the severe outcome.

Newspaper Practice – “Harrison Bergeron was Shot After Escaping from Jail”

Harrison Bergeron was Shot After Escaping from Jail

Hannah Cheng

Extremely dangerous prisoner Harrison Bergeron, a genius and athlete was shot in the studio by Diana Moon Glampers after escaping from jail earlier today. 

Bergeron attacked the studio while a ballerina was reporting the news, he took over the national television station. He claimed to be the “emperor” and removed his handicaps. He then chose a ballerina as his “empress” and invited her for a dance in front of the television. He removed the ballerina and musician’s handicaps as well.

In the middle of the dance, Diana Moon Glampers, the Handicapper General, came into the studio and fired twice at the “Emperor” and “Empress” with a double-barreled ten-gauge shotgun, Bergeron and the ballerina died instantly. Glampers also threatened the musicians, gave them ten seconds to put back their handicaps. Shortly after, the television was off-air.

Since this incident, there are more and more reports of citizen removing their handicaps, the nation is now out of control.

Hannah’s Goal

Personal goal statement:

I will learn how to read the Korean alphabet within 1 month. I will watch online Korean video lessons to learn how to properly pronounce the alphabet. I also plan to memorize at least 4 letters every day and do a short Duolingo lesson whenever I have free time. I will ask my friends who speak Korean for help whenever I have questions. When I lose my motivation to achieve my goal, I will remind myself why I started this goal or find a learning buddy to achieve the goal with me.  

Academic goal statement: 

By the end of this year, I will improve my grades for all my subjects by 10%. I will take notes in class and review my notes few days before tests. I will also write deadlines into a planner and plan a work schedule. To give myself a better understanding of my learning, I will discuss assignments and lessons with my friends. When I have question, I will ask my teacher for help.  

Timeline – Communication

Communication has evolved through the years, it is the only way humans can exchange information with each other. There are many forms of communication, such as visual, oral, nonverbal and written. One of the most important communication tools in modern society are mobile phones, it combines all forms of communication. It becomes an indispensable part of human life. It all began in 1876, when the first telephone was created. For the first time, people could talk to each other in long distances without having to meet face to face. In 1973, mobile phones were introduced, people could carry their phones anywhere. In 2000, the first phone with built-in camera was released, phones are no longer limited to make calls. The first 3G phone was launched in 2002, followed by the iPhone in 2007, which brought touchscreen smartphones to the market. Over the years, humans had created new and better forms of communication in a shorter period of time. More mobile phone functions are developed and smartphones provide so many more new forms of communication than ever before, people can text messages, shop, play games and even manage their bank accounts simply with their phones. Technology has greatly affected the way people communicate, communication has become more efficient and will continue to develop.

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