Advertising Target Markets

In 2013, Extra created a commercial called “Father & Daughter” to promote their spearmint flavor gums. Their target audience is all ages, as people eat gums no matter what their age is. The story is about a father that uses gum wrappers to make origami swans for his daughter whenever they eat gums. It turns out the daughter kept all the origami swans her dad made for her. It shows the bond between her and her father. Different advertising techniques are used in this commercial. One of the techniques that apply to this commercial is plain folks, the daughter and father are just like any ordinary family, they are neither celebrity or expert. Overall, the mood of the advertisement is sad, as it is designed to make the audience sob, which could be identified as emotional appeal. At the end of the commercial, repetition was used. The slogan, “Give Extra Get Extra” appeared, it is a catchphrase that Extra used every time in their commercial.


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