Hannah’s Goal

Personal goal statement:

I will learn how to read the Korean alphabet within 1 month. I will watch online Korean video lessons to learn how to properly pronounce the alphabet. I also plan to memorize at least 4 letters every day and do a short Duolingo lesson whenever I have free time. I will ask my friends who speak Korean for help whenever I have questions. When I lose my motivation to achieve my goal, I will remind myself why I started this goal or find a learning buddy to achieve the goal with me.  

Academic goal statement: 

By the end of this year, I will improve my grades for all my subjects by 10%. I will take notes in class and review my notes few days before tests. I will also write deadlines into a planner and plan a work schedule. To give myself a better understanding of my learning, I will discuss assignments and lessons with my friends. When I have question, I will ask my teacher for help.  

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