Timeline – Communication

Communication has evolved through the years, it is the only way humans can exchange information with each other. There are many forms of communication, such as visual, oral, nonverbal and written. One of the most important communication tools in modern society are mobile phones, it combines all forms of communication. It becomes an indispensable part of human life. It all began in 1876, when the first telephone was created. For the first time, people could talk to each other in long distances without having to meet face to face. In 1973, mobile phones were introduced, people could carry their phones anywhere. In 2000, the first phone with built-in camera was released, phones are no longer limited to make calls. The first 3G phone was launched in 2002, followed by the iPhone in 2007, which brought touchscreen smartphones to the market. Over the years, humans had created new and better forms of communication in a shorter period of time. More mobile phone functions are developed and smartphones provide so many more new forms of communication than ever before, people can text messages, shop, play games and even manage their bank accounts simply with their phones. Technology has greatly affected the way people communicate, communication has become more efficient and will continue to develop.

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