On our first week back, we started and finished our trig unit. Last year, I didn’t like trigonometry at all, it was my least favourite unit, mainly because the whole idea of “SOH CAH TOA” confused me, but thankfully this year, I got a much better understanding of it, especially because we will be doing a lot more trig next year in Calculus.

One thing that I really liked that we focused on is the sine law. Basically, if you draw out a triangle, there are 3 angles and 3 sides, so if you label it “Side A,” “Side B,” and “Side C,” angle A (for example), would be opposite/across from “Side A.” So the formula for this is “a/sin A = b/sin B = c/sin C.” I like having a formula because there is always one specific rule you have to follow, it’s much more organized. Anyways, you would have to use this formula if, for example, you were given 2 angles and 1 side length and you were asked to find another side length. 


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