Week 15 Blog

Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions with Monomial Denominators

\frac{2}{3} \div \frac{3}{4}

Firstly, their common denominator is 12 because 3 times 4=12, so that means we need both times 3 or four for each side just for reaching the common denominator 12.

\frac{6}{12} \div \frac{9}{12}

so the answer is 2 over 3.


Week 14 Blog

Things i learned this week: when we solve rational expressions, we need to find their common denominator.

For example:

\frac{latex x^2$+2 over}{x^2 -x-6 over }

{x^2 -x-6 over }   can be factored into x^2-x-6=0


x=3, x=-2

if we found the common denominator,then we can factor it, that’s the way how we solved this kind of equation.