Week 4 Multiplying and Dividing Radical Expressions

Expand and simplify: (P127)

a) (\sqrt{3} +8) (2\sqrt[1]{3} -1) – \sqrt{3} (7\sqrt[1]{3} -4)

=6-\sqrt{3}16\sqrt[1]{3} -8-(21-4\sqrt[1]{3})

=-2 + 15\sqrt[1]{3} -21 + 4\sqrt[1]{3}

=-23+ 19\sqrt[1]{3}

Firstly, when we solve this type of questions, we need to find the like terms becasue when adding/ substraction, the coefficients are combined when the radicands are the same. For example, in this question, like terms are \sqrt{3}2\sqrt[1]{3} and \sqrt{3}(7\sqrt[1]{3} becasue you can find they all have \sqrt{3}, and that means we need to think of a way to combine them together to get a simplified answer.  Secondly, do the calculation carefully and be aware of the like terms. Final step is to check you answer is already simplified  or not.


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