Week 4 Multiplying and Dividing Radical Expressions

Expand and simplify: (P127)

a) (\sqrt{3} +8) (2\sqrt[1]{3} -1) – \sqrt{3} (7\sqrt[1]{3} -4)

=6-\sqrt{3}16\sqrt[1]{3} -8-(21-4\sqrt[1]{3})

=-2 + 15\sqrt[1]{3} -21 + 4\sqrt[1]{3}

=-23+ 19\sqrt[1]{3}

Firstly, when we solve this type of questions, we need to find the like terms becasue when adding/ substraction, the coefficients are combined when the radicands are the same. For example, in this question, like terms are \sqrt{3}2\sqrt[1]{3} and \sqrt{3}(7\sqrt[1]{3} becasue you can find they all have \sqrt{3}, and that means we need to think of a way to combine them together to get a simplified answer.  Secondly, do the calculation carefully and be aware of the like terms. Final step is to check you answer is already simplified  or not.


Week 3 Simplifying Radical Expressions

3: Write each mixed radical as an entire radical (page 100)




When I first do this question,I was confused by the difference of the mixed radical and entire radical. I think the most difficult part is the index part becasue there is a tube and I don’t know how to solve this. And we only learned how to simplify in Grade 10. My  understanding is that when we solve this type of question, we need to multiple all the numbers outside the root, the index and so as the radicand together. When there is a tube (3), just multiple 3, we don’t have to multiple three times becasue that’s not the exact meaning of tube. The most important thing is that we should be careful when we do the calculating.

Week 2 Geometric Sequence

Determine S_{10} for each geometric series. Give the answer to 3 decimal places. (page 49)

a)0.1+ 0.01+ 0.001+ 0.0001+…

know:t_{1}=0.1 (t_{1} means the first one, the first place)

r=0.1( 0.01 divided by 0.1)( each term is multiplied by a constant known as the common ratio) ( to determine the common ratio, divide any  term by the preceding term)

n=10 ( a nautral number and menas the term , for instance, as the question asks to find the 10th term means n= 10)


(follow the formula, and use the caluator to caluate the 10th power)


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