Fracking in BC

An open letter to Michelle Mungall, Minister of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources

Four conditions are laid out from the provincial government for liquefied natural gas to be considered beneficial to British Columbia. Some of these conditions are: “must include express guarantees of jobs and training opportunities for British Columbians,” and “must protect our air, land, and water, including living up to our climate commitments.” Throughout the procedures of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, many different safety and health concerns come up that do not fit these conditions and be a danger to the people of BC.

Most importantly, there are multiple ways that our drinking water could get contaminated. The pipes towards the shale layer may leak and flow into groundwater. The surface water could easily be contaminated as well- fracking fluid, full of unknown toxic chemicals, are left in a pit to sit and simply evaporate after being pumped in and out of the shale layer. Besides water contamination, the whole earth’s atmosphere gets affected when methane gas escapes from the system into the atmosphere, and physical danger of wells exploding, and has been suspicion that fracking has been the reason for significant earthquakes occurring in what should be an earthquake-safe zone.

In theory, fracking seems to create more jobs and help the economy. However, the safety risks for the people and environment should be a greater factor and BC should be discouraging the development of liquified natural gases.

Thank you.

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