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Why Marijuana shouldn’t become legal

I believe marijuana should not become legal. Studies show that the more marijuana you consume, will cause you to have a greater chance of receiving schizophrenia. Marijuana is a gateway drug. It is highly addictive and can be extremely harmful towards your body. Marijuana is extremely harmful to the developing brain and can cause severe damage. 45% of those who use marijuana took harder drugs. Many who use marijuana take it to feel better, but it actually can cause even more problems than what they had originally  started with. 20% of the people who have taken marijuana have become addicted to it. Allowing marijuana to become legal will cause more problems. Children and citizens will smell the fumes and it could be damaging to them. I believe legalizing the drug will just encourage users to abuse the privilege.  It will also put the public in danger. Users will cause self harm.



Government Responsibility Paragraph

The government apologized in 2008 for the residential schools. The government took it upon them selves to apologize for the outrageous behaviour we once had.  It was good to have a fresh start; on good terms. We let many people know how badly we felt and how we never want to treat people like this again. Talking about our mistakes has allowed us to learn from them and we are letting others know we never want to treat others like this again.


Residential schools happened many years ago and they are now closed. When the government chose to apologize for the actions that took place in Canada he was reminding us how badly things used to be. The government brought back all of those bad feelings and many had to re feel the depressing feelings that they had once felt during the residential school.


I agree with the government.  I believe the government was right to apologize for our past actions. The government represents Canada and Canada doesn’t want to go through something like this again. It is good to bring back our regretful feelings because it is a way for us to remember our mistakes and we can learn from our mistakes as well.

Genocide Compare/Contrast


Name of Genocide

Armenian Genocide

Nanking Genocide

Guatemalan Genocide

Who was impacted

Christian Armenians, Syrians, Greeks

Nanking’s residents


Where did it occur

Republic of Turkey



When did it occur




What happened

Armenians were turned out of their homes and sent on death marches through the Mesopotamian desert without food or water. Frequently, the marchers were stripped naked and forced to walk under the scorching sun until they dropped dead

Mass murder and mass rape committed by Japanese troops against the residents of Nanking

The Mayans were under the rule of the Guatemalan government went under a protest to have equal language and culture they started a civil war Guatemalans attacked first and the destroyed a nearby village and they killed many.

  1. Identify 3 components of the different genocides that have similarities?

One leader/person thinks one race/culture is better than the other

No one took major steps to try to stop the genocide.

All the genocides could’ve been prevented

  1. Identify 3 components of the different genocides that are different?

Christians were targeted, women were targeted, the Mayans were targeted.

 Occurred in different places in the work

Lasted for different amount of times.  times

  1. Are there any patterns that you can identify between the different genocides you have explored?  (The two above and the holocaust)

One leader wants total control over the people

  1. Can genocide be avoided in the future, or do you think it is something that is a part of human nature and will continue to happen?  Write a paragraph response with your partner.  Provide justification for your arguments.

I don’t think there could be a genocide in Canada because we are very multicultural and diverse.

  1. If you could only pick three fundamental rights that you think every person should have, what would you pick?
  2. Freedom to express your religion
  3. Speech
  4. Freedom
  5. We picked these three fundamental rights because these are some of the main reasons the genocide occurred. Adding these fundamental rights into our laws will help us to pre

Whats on my Plate?

On my plate my family takes up the most room then my friends, education, soccer, softball, fitness, and volunteering are next.  I would like to focus on my education health more because it can help me lower my stress with homework and if I prioritize it I can accomplish better grades and it can make me feel better about myself.  I could also focus on my financial health. I can do this by putting away some money and start saving for my future. Hopefully this can help me when I am starting to live on my own. I would also like to spend more time volunteering. This will help others and I can put my spare time to good use as well.  By increasing the amount of time I spend on my education health, financial health, and volunteering health, it should help me reach my life goal which is happiness.


Holocaust Data

Holocaust Data

Throughout 1933 and 1945 the  three main countries that were impacted were Germany, Poland, and Austria. A lot of the people that were effected were born into the Jewish religion. There were small children that had no say but because their parents were Jewish they were thought to be less worthy by some. One thing everyone had in common was that they were innocent all they were doing was being themselves. One story that stood out to me was a boy named Harry Pauly he worked at a homosexual bar and he watched his friend get stabbed. He was then arrested as well because of his line of work. After 15 months he was freed then he was arrested again. After 8 more months he was freed and started his own theatre. Children were being killed and innocent people were being tortured. The Holocaust was awful. One question I still have about this is; who built the concentration camps? How did they determine when someone’s execution date would be?