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The Bird Who Broke Through The Window

The Bird Who Broke Through The Window (read here)

The Bird Who Broke Through the Window:
         This article demonstrates the constrain we feel as individuals in society. Everyone is told growing up that we humans are here on this planet to make a difference, yet we feel so small and incapable to even test the waters. The author highlights the idea that it normal to feel so small in this big world, how making a difference doesn’t mean ending hunger by yourself, but simply sharing a smile. I appreciated the writing style, telling a story from experience then using figurative language. The details within the writing style created a very personal article to read. This article was personally inspiring to me as I have yet realized my place in this world, often feeling useless. It expresses insight that we are all capable of little and big changes. I was intrigued with the use of metaphors within this piece. The bird analogy he used, feeling trapped, seeing the outside through the window, trying to fly out but defeated by the glass. The title of this piece characterizes the way I felt in my life by the time I reached the end of the writing. I was that bird trapped on the wrong side of the glass, tamed by the pressures of media and society, however been freed and now knowingly capable of standing out and creating a change in the world.

Grad Transitions Booklet

Transitions Booklet-sajx7i

Women’s Equality

Canada in WW2

1. Explain how Canada’s decision to go to war in WWII was different than WWI

The biggest difference from Canada’s Decision to go to war in WW2 then in WW1 was how in the second world war, it was ultimately Canada’s choice to participate, whereas in the first world war Canadians were still attached and patriotic to Britain, and were conscripted by the government. It was agreed that Canadians were not to be forced into participating in this war but many still chose to support Britain.

2. What were the BCATP and CD Howe’s Total War economy?

The BCAPT or British Commonwealth Air Training Plan was a program provided by the Canadian military in world war 2 to train the British pilots in war. Canada chose to run this program as a way to be part of the world war without being in the direct battles. This program made Canada an upwards amount of 1 million dollars by the end of the war.

C.D Howe was a successful business man in his day. In world war 2, Howe was responsible of making sure the economy could keep up with all of the war time demands put on Canada. he was successful with this task and made Canada flourish.

3. Come up with a statement that the best describes Canada’s attitude towards WWII and support it by referring to the evidence from the class and the textbook.

Canadians were a positive addition in WW2. By the willingness to take part in the war with the BCATP, Canadians helped Canada build a stronger economy.

Water Saving

This video I am showing that it is ideal that when washing dishes you maximize the space. The dishwasher uses a lot of water and energy, so by washing more at once you are reducing the amounts of over all loads. This is something that we always make sure to do at my house.

In this video I am washing my hands only using the water when necessary. I am a person who doesn’t always conserve water in this fashion, now I am aware of the impacts it has on our planet.

Poverty Cycle

Poverty Cycle: HIV/AIDS

 Intervention: I believe in order to break the chain of HIV/AIDS, It would be ideal to have better health care. Health care can be difficult to access and can be expensive. If people and organizations from developed countries donate time and resources, volunteered in these countries that need help, maybe then these viruses will be contained and eventually stop progressing.


Poverty Cycle: Child Poverty

 Intervention: Education is the key to breaking child poverty. If education is offered to children they will grow up capable of a job that will support a happy healthy life style, children will then be born into a stable life style, and not need to work at a young age. This child will have time to go to school and have a child hood of learning and playing that all people should have the privilege of experiencing.


Poverty Cycle: Woman Inequality

Intervention: It is crucial that education is provided to all girls and woman of any age. Regardless the situation, when an education is given to someone, they can grow up to find a successful job, knowledge on family planning and self respect. When women become more powerful, they become more respected. Education will give women this power.


Population Pyramid Italy

This is Italy’s population pyramid.

Population Charts

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The Conservative Party of Canada

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