Start at 1:30-1:50 or 2:20

“How bad can I be” – Dr. Seuss’ the Lorax
This song/ scene represents a negative mindset towards the environment. In this scene we see a very clear representation, our main character in this scene represents all of man kind, he represents organizations and factories. He is shown being taken over by greed, riches and selfishness, not caring about the negative effects for everyone else, the other creatures and the future of his world.

Start at 1:20 – End of clip

“Unless” – Dr. Seuss’ the Lorax
This scene represents a negative impact with a positive outcome. This shows us the extreme case of what will happen if we continue taking from our earth in our own selfish greed. Our trees will be gone, our air will be polluted, our animals will leave, and the environment will be left a disappointment. This message “unless” tells us that things wont improve if someone doesn’t start to care, it takes one person to start a change big or small. (ethic of care)


Start at 1:00 –  3:10

“You Know Who You Are” -Moana
This scene is representing the rejuvenation of our environment. The heart represents all of our greed and riches, when we take away from the environment as we do, the earth will start to die and fight against us. Moana returning the heart is a symbol that as people, we are capable of this type of environmental uprise. If we stop taking and start giving back to our environment, the environment will give us what we need, instead of fighting us as we take things away.