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Ethic of Care – Environment

What would an ethic of care towards the environment look like?

  1. What would be needed to create it?
    1. People need knowledge and appreciation towards the environment in order to begin to care about it. Most people are not aware of the negative effects that our actions create on the environment and if we all know then people are more likely to care about what is happening. We also need knowledge on how to care for it, beyond our recycling bins, and planting trees, we need techniques to help maintain what we have left of our environments.
  2. What would we need to believe about the environment?
    1. We need to believe that we have one world and that is all, what we have here is unique and irreplaceable. Lots of people think about the present more than the future, not thinking that our actions now will have an effect once we are gone. We need to believe that there is more to life than materials and money, and we need to respect our environment.
  3. How would we act?
    1. If we cared for the environment the way that we would a child or a friend, we would respect the plants and animals by not cutting down their homes, throwing food onto streets where birds scavenge and risk getting hit, we would stop littering as it endangers our animals as they might eat the garbage, and polluting our lands. As humans across the world we would continue peaceful trades without mass productions that are hurting out Asian countries so badly.
  4. What would be different about the world if everyone adopted this ethic of care towards the environment? Benefits and drawbacks?
    1. The world would be brighter, more colourful in where we live especially. our plants would thrive and our skies would be clearer. Hopefully the wild mass production would be unvalued and pollution would solve itself. Our foods may become richer and more authentic to our reagins cutting down on obesity and health problems. However, by completely adopting this way of thinking, we would have less jobs, possibly a higher homeless count as less homes will be being produced along with the rising population rate.
  5. Should we adopt the ethic of care towards the environment?
    1. I believe we should adopt the ethic of care towards our environment to a certain extent. It is important to do so as it would help revive our planet. However in doing so, it would have  very complicated drawbacks on the way humans have learned to live. Through time, if everyone prioritized the health our our environment, hopefully things would be the best for the current living situation of our earth.


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  1. brchan

    I agree, our consumerist culture is one of the big problems behind any environmental issue. Maybe the solution is just to live with less instead of more.
    I like the analogy of seeing the environment as a friend, therefore you would act to take care of your friend’s home.
    Abrupt change is always scary, but the world has gone through major changes before and it’s ok. Humanity survived the Great Depression, we’ve survived the transition from coal to electricity (even though we still use it for electricity), newspapers are transitioning, etc. Humanity has always gone through changes and we have to imagine it as a transition, very few things just change overnight, but when we envision the future, we think it will happen that way but it most likely won’t.

    Good job.

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