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We Are Inextricably Linked

We Are Inextricably Linked (read here)

We Are Inextricably Linked:
In reading this article, I feel connected to the earth in ways I would never have thought before. This piece demonstrates the natural beauty of our beings despite the things we produce. It is very easy to feel apart from our earth in the current day for we do not rely on the land in our community as humans use to. Within this writing, I appreciated the use of descriptive language as it reveals the importance of our relation towards our oceans. These words illustrate an image of beauty and treacherous realities. I believe the piece connects us to the ocean in order to create importance in our minds on protecting what we have. The article tells us that we are part of the ocean, for the tears that we cry are as salty as the homes that keep our fish safe. We all come from the sea for the way we grow inside our mothers is also built up of salty fluids. Knowing that we are built from, made of and rely on these oceans tells us that they are important. The oceans represent life in general, how there will be waves of horrific events that take over our days, and some where it is calm, bright and beautiful. Going through the motions, we can feel part of our nature again, part of our beautiful and admired seas, and part of reality that we may be blocking out.



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  1. Kathy Shong

    Hailey – poignant essay – I enjoyed your insights

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