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The Bird Who Broke Through The Window

The Bird Who Broke Through The Window (read here)

The Bird Who Broke Through the Window:
         This article demonstrates the constrain we feel as individuals in society. Everyone is told growing up that we humans are here on this planet to make a difference, yet we feel so small and incapable to even test the waters. The author highlights the idea that it normal to feel so small in this big world, how making a difference doesn’t mean ending hunger by yourself, but simply sharing a smile. I appreciated the writing style, telling a story from experience then using figurative language. The details within the writing style created a very personal article to read. This article was personally inspiring to me as I have yet realized my place in this world, often feeling useless. It expresses insight that we are all capable of little and big changes. I was intrigued with the use of metaphors within this piece. The bird analogy he used, feeling trapped, seeing the outside through the window, trying to fly out but defeated by the glass. The title of this piece characterizes the way I felt in my life by the time I reached the end of the writing. I was that bird trapped on the wrong side of the glass, tamed by the pressures of media and society, however been freed and now knowingly capable of standing out and creating a change in the world.


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