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Preferred Roles in Government

Governor General
Prime Minister

  1. Governor General

I would choose to be Governor General above any of the other rolls in the government because the only required political background you need is being a Canadian citizen old enough to vote. The amount of money you make is substantial. You are appointed to be governor general by the queen, in order to be appointed you must prove to be an extraordinary citizen, having accomplished something amazing, and I feel that is something the long the lines of who I want to be. The governor general has extreme responsibilities but does not often take advantage of that, so in a way they are quite useless to our system. I would appreciate the lack of pressure this job would give me. Although the public is aware f your role, if something goes poorly the blame is directed towards the prime minister and not to you, so I think that is a benefit of the job.

  1. Senator

I would choose to be a senator second to Governor General. Senators are appointed by the governor general after suggested by the prime minister, they are supposed to represent the people of Canada but often end up being old MP’s. not much experience is required, and the pressure is not too much according to public pressure. You have responsibilities, but they are spread out equally within the senate. Being a senator, you get benefits like any other government job and your pay is amazing

  1. MP

Being MP is my third choice if I were to work in the government. Being a member of parliament is not easy, but the responsibilities are distributed through many and not dependent on you. The pay and benefits from being an MP are large and almost unnecessary.   I would like having a bit of control over what is happening in the government and how it happens, and with making change, you would not be directly under the public eye.

  1. Minster

Being a Minister is my forth choice for jobs in the government. You are given lots of control and responsibility over the government, I would like to have that kind of control without being in the public eye. The pressure is high in terms of making decisions, but the credit is directed to the Prime Minster. In order to be a good minister you have to be aware, educated and highly accountable for your roll in the government.

  1. Prime Minster


Being Prime Minister would be my last choice in political careers. I am not interesting in politics, and to become so high up in the government as to be an effective Prime Minister you must have an incredible understanding and knowledge in government and politics. Like any job high up in the government, the pay and benefits are great but with all the social pressure and publicity judging your every move, the money is not worth it to me in the end.


Pressure groups, Petitions, Civil disobedience


The Conservative Party of Canada

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  1. brchan

    Try to be more specific about what the specific responsibilities of each position are and why they would appeal to you or not.

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