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CBL Skype with Tanya Harrison

Tanya Harrison is a planetary scientist, she is a PHD student in Geology at the University of Western Ontario. She works mostly on collecting data for and from Mars. Aside from all of the hard work she does with Mars she is a professional photographer.

Yesterday in science class we joined Tanya in a Skype call and talked to her about outer space and what she does in her job. Everyone in the class asked her some questions to further our understanding about space.

My question was. “How do we know all this stuff about space if we haven’t been everywhere?”

Her answer was. “With all of the information that we can collect using probes, satellites and landers, they are able to use all of the data to figure it out.”

Question. “How do the Mars rovers move”

Answer. “The Mars rovers are controlled by people on the ground. Because the distance between Earth and mars is very great, the commands to the rovers takes around 40 minutes or more depending on how far away mars is at the moment. Because of how delayed the connection is, the rovers move very slow at speed of 0.14km/h.”

Some other things that I learned from our Skype call is that the rovers have found evidence of liquid water on the surface of mars. They have found streams of salt left from the water after the water has evaporated.

Scientists have also found out that the lost rover that they thought might have crash landed actually did land but malfunctioned during landing.

Before this Skype chat I was very confused and disinterested about space and now coming out of this experience I would love to look more into space.




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  1. maiak2015

    Great detail! I like your feedback about how you are more interested in space now after that Skype chat.

  2. carolinac2015

    Great post Hailey! I loved the detail and how you included your own opinion on space.

  3. jamiep2015

    I really enjoyed reading this post. Great work on putting a lot of detail in the post. I also enjoyed how you embedded the video and some other pictures. Great job!

  4. rafaels12015

    I liked how you included some level of visuals and that you learned from the questions you had asked. You also explained the answers clearly so that a reader of this post could also learn something. Maybe you could add a title in the text before the picture and you could also add some indents to a few of the paragraphs because some of them vary in topics, adding indents would make each of the topics more clear to the reader.

    • haileys2015

      Thanks Raf for the corrections, I will be sure to make some adjustments to my post.

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  6. Mr. Robinson

    Well done. You included excellent background information on Tanya and great questions with the answers that you received. Great work embedding the Google Hangout into your post. I not only liked how you presented a thorough engaging post on what you learned, but I also like how you responded to the many comments that you got with a willingness to make adjustments. Great work!

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