In this lab we modeled mitosis step by step using pipe cleaners


Screenshot (90)

This image roughly shows a nucleus with chromatin inside of a cell. Interphase is where the DNA is copied.


Screenshot (91)

In prophase the spindle fibers atatch to the chromosomes and the nucleur membrain dissapiers


Screenshot (92)

In metaphase the chromosomes make there way into a single file line through the middle of the cell.


Screenshot (93)

During anaphase the chromosomes are pulled apart and starting the cell division.


Screenshot (94)

Telophase is the final phase of mitosis. this is the stage where the nucleur pore re forms around each of the new cells. now there are 2 cells where there use to be 1.



-All of the information is from the science textbook

-The pictures were taken by Carolina Chavarriaga