Screenshot (73)

This is a picture of my cheek cell under a 400x magnification (40x nose piece). In this picture you are able to identify the cell membranes, nucleus, cytoplasm and other cheek cells.


Under the 40x magnification you could see the cheek cells but with little detail.

Under the 100x magnification the cheek cells became more viable but still lacked detail.

Under the 400x magnification the cells became visible as seen in the image above.


Although the image was difficult to identify at first we were able t0 see the cell membrane, nucleus and the cytoplasm under the 400x magnification.   i learned from this lab that with one small swab of the mouth you are able to pick up billions of cells. Why were the Nucleus, cell membrane and the cytoplasm were the only things that were visible? what could have we done differently to be able to see more organelles?