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Everything I Know About Exponents



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  1. Tracy Smith

    Wow… that is really well done! I think that pretty much sums up everything to know about exponents. This looks like it will be a great study guide.

  2. joshuam2015

    I really like how you show a good understanding of exponents. You can spot mistakes and you know how the various different laws work. I suggest using coefficients when expressing the product and quotient laws to help show what to do with them. I saw a few spelling mistakes. Overall I liked how you did your work.

  3. emilys2015

    I loved reading your assignment it was very informative and easy to follow. A few specific things I noticed that you could work on were on point number 17 you have written that latex 3x=700 and x=6 but I think you meant to write 3^x =700 and x=6, next time just make sure to check over your formatting. Another thing you could also do to improve your communication was make sure you explain your thoughts clearly and fully explain everything. Overall I really enjoyed your project, it was easy to follow and read, it would be a great study source for anyone that needs to review the exponent learning outcomes. Great job!

  4. thubbard

    Your post demonstrates a good understanding of what an exponent is and the exponent laws. Here are a few suggestions for improvements:
    – the words “area” and “volume” should be included with your examples in 3)
    -although the math is correct for 11) your example is not of what the statement was asking you to show.
    -in 14) (-3^2) should equal negative 9, it would only equal positive 9 if the exponents was outside the bracket like this (-3)^2 , the same mistake was made again in 16)
    Also in 14) and 16) it should be referred to as evaluating or calculating as opposed to solving an equation.
    -in 17) your alice in wonderland question would be considered a growth problem. A measurement problem would involve area of square or volume of a cube. I also think you meant to write 3^x=700.

  5. caitlins2015

    Hi Hailey,
    Great job on your project! I found a lot of your explanations very helpful. You’ve shown you understand this unit quite well. I especially liked number 3 where you included a drawn model to show 2 ^3 and 3^2. Number 1 could be a little confusing to other students more so if the product law is unfamiliar to them. Instead of using 5^3 x 5^2 = 5x5x5x5x5 you could’ve used (5x5x5)(5×5). You could’ve also used a different example that used a single power like 5^4. For number 12, I found it helpful that you were able to show not only examples but the work done as well. For the power law section you forgot to complete the example and explain what happens to the coefficient.

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